Brent & Melinda

Los Angeles SinglesRemember when you said I would probably meet someone compatible within the first couple of dates? Remember how skeptical I was and called you after signing up all freaked out with “buyer’s remorse”?

Well, the first man you set me up with is now my official boyfriend. Brent and I can not get enough of each other. I feel like a teenager again. I seriously could not imagine meeting someone so handsome, intelligent, witty, and wonderful at my age. Although 41 is not “old”, I was just afraid all the good ones were taken! I can not believe how committed we are to each other in such a short period of time. Not to sound corny, but to quote Brent in relation to our finding each other, “It’s a miracle.” (cute, huh?)

We just celebrated a romantic Thanksgiving weekend in Catalina and are looking forward to our Holiday parties this month. I think we’re going to be together for a long time and are so thankful we took the risk and trusted you with the process. I will recommend you to any of my single friends that are tired of trying to find love on their own or via the Internet.

…I want you to continue to be blessed with your successful business – you deserve it.