Canoga Park Matchmakers Review Signs You’re Being Played

Matchmaking and dating service in Los Angeles reveals helpful signs to tell if you’re man is playing you.

Is the man you’re dating giving you mixed signals?  Are you wondering if he’s the real deal?  Today, Canoga Park matchmakers from Los Angeles Singles Dating Service will review some warnings signs he’s definitely playing you.

Almost every woman has been played at some time or another.  When it comes to dating, there are a few men out there who love taking advantage of women, and they do so without women knowing it.  Of course, noticing the signs isn’t as easy as many people think.  Sometimes, when a man is playing you, the truth is, he might be unsure of how he feels about you.  Then again, there are times when a man has it all figured out and still plays you because he wants to take advantage of you.  Maybe he’s doing it because he’s a jerk or maybe because it helps his ego, but whatever the reason is, here are a few signs from Canoga Park matchmakers you’re being played.  If you notice a few of these signs with the man you’re currently seeing, you should dump him right away.


He Thinks He Likes You

If a man tells you he thinks he likes you to a certain degree, then you’re likely being taken advantage of.  Telling you that he likes you to a certain degree is like telling you, “I told you so,” when things don’t work out.  His feelings for you are not going to increase, so don’t expect him to fall head over heels in coming weeks.  Now, many men are clueless when it comes to their feelings and might not know how to say it, so when a man is unsure, it doesn’t mean he’s a player, but it’s definitely something to be cautious about.

He’s Very Vague with You

If you ask the man you’re dating a simple question and he always answers vaguely, there’s a high chance he’s playing you.  If you ask him what his plans are for the weekend and he answers you vaguely like, “I don’t know.  I’m just doing some things,” or, “I’m not sure yet,” and he refuses to make any plans with you, then he is playing you.  When it comes to relationships, if a man is interested, he will always try to devote his time for his girlfriend.  If he already made plans or has to cancel because he’s tired from work, he will do whatever it takes to reschedule with you because of course he cares for you, but if your man is vague about his plans and refuses to make future plans with you, then not only is he playing you, but he’s using you when it’s convenient for him, explains Canoga Park matchmakers.

You Always See Him on ‘His’ Time

Another great way to tell whether or not this man is playing you is to pay attention to his schedule.  For example, if this man has told you he hates the movies and has never once taken you to see a movie, but goes to movies with other people, then you have to wonder what he’s up to.  At the same time, if this man always cancels plans last minute and doesn’t reschedule them for the future, you’re definitely being played.

His Phone Is Kept Hidden

If you’ve been dating a man for a long time and he always hides his phone from you, or just started pulling this trick on you, then there is a high probability he’s playing you.  Most people who are honest in their relationships have no problem leaving their cell phones in the open or even having their partners answer it for them, but a man who is always hiding his phone is hiding something from you.  Also, keep an eye if he’s always glancing down to check his phone or always leaving the room to answer text messages.  If so, that’s a definitely sign you’re being played.

You Have Not Been Introduced as His Girlfriend

When you’re dating someone, he should be introducing you as his girlfriend, and this is especially true if the two of you have been dating for a while.  But if he runs into friends, especially women, and he only introduces you as his friend, then you know you’re being played.  If he’s chatting with women he knows and only introduces you as a friend or doesn’t introduce you at all, then he’s taking advantage of you.  If a man likes you and is dating you, then he will have no problem introducing you as his partner.


The Phrase “It’s Not Like That” Happens Daily

Is he always getting calls and text messages from other women?  Does he always have to cancel plans with you so he can hang out with the guys? When you confront him about this topic does he always tell you, “Oh, no.  It’s not like that”?  If you are getting the famous, “Oh, no, baby.  It’s not like that,” answer, then he is playing you.  When “It’s not what you think,” is the go-to answer, then you know it’s a bad sign.

He Never Shares His Emotions

Does this man refuse to talk about his emotions?  Men are very cautious who they share their emotions with, and sometimes they keep it hidden so they don’t get their hurts broken, but a good way to find out if he’s playing you is to pay attention to if he listens to what you have to say to him, explains Canoga Park matchmakers.  If you’re trying to have a serious conversation with him and he blows you off, then he is playing you.  This man doesn’t want to get emotionally involved with you and is using you while it’s convenient for him.

He’s Only Interested until He Gets Intimate

Lust is a powerful thing that drives men; they’ll do whatever it takes in order to get intimate.  They’ll pay attention to you, open doors, and even call you just to see how you’re doing if he thinks it will lead to something later.  The question is, does he keep up with these behaviors even after the two of you have been intimate?  If the answer is no, then he is playing you.

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