Culver City Matchmakers – 6 Important Things to Remember When Dating a Single Parent

LA matchmaking service, Los Angeles Singles, reviews important tips for successfully dating a single parent.

Are you currently seeing a single parent?  Today, Culver City matchmakers from Los Angeles Singles Dating Service will review a few things you need to keep in mind before getting involved with a single parent.

Great Ways to Start a Relationship with a Single Parent

If you have recently found yourself starting to see a single parent, you need to remind yourself that it’s going to be different than dating someone with no children.  There are a lot of factors involved that you may not be aware of, and in order to help you be successful, Culver City matchmakers from Los Angeles Singles have compiled a list of important things you need to be aware of in order to have a happy and healthy relationship with a single parent.

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1. You Will Never Be Their #1 Priority

This is something very important to remind yourself when dating a single parent.  That’s right, and their children aren’t the only thing that comes before you; they are going to have bills to pay, educations to save money for, and other major responsibilities that come along with being a parent.  In order to get these things flowing, a single parent must dedicate a lot of time to their career, and beyond that, there will also be after school parent teacher meetings, activities, doctors’ appointments, and a slew of other things pertaining to their children.  Now, this doesn’t mean you must simply blend into the background of their life, because you don’t.

There are a few things you can do here.  One, you should be supportive of them; after all, they do have to look out for a little one.  Two, you should resist the urge to fight for time with them because at the end of the day, their children will always come first.

2. They Have Different Preferences

Bachelors and bachelorettes can be easily swept off their feet with a trip to the Bahamas or a date at one of LA’s finest restaurants, but with a single parent, they tend to be a little more practical.  Instead of a big or over-the-top gesture, single parents are more impressed with little things you can do for them, things like helping them to take out the trash, a nice foot massage, or even a home cooked meal.  Now, this doesn’t mean single parents don’t like to be swept off their feet, because of course they do, the thing is, they may have already experienced those grand gestures in past relationships and are more appreciative of little things.  The best thing you can do when dating a single parent is to do small romantic things from time to time, things that really matter the most to them.

3. Some Single Parents Might Not Be Ready to Settle Down

Look at it like this: a single parent has gone through a lot of emotional trauma with the loss of their ex-partner due to death or divorce, and if that isn’t enough, there is a child in the picture.  It might be hard for a single parent to be open to a new relationship again for fear that it might end the way the first one ended.  You might hear phrases like, “Let’s see where this goes” before they agree to commit.  For the sake of their heart, and their kids, it’s better to be absolutely positive about the relationship, so they won’t commit to anything until they’re absolutely sure it’s something that is going to last forever.

4. Their Defenses Will Always Be Up

Nothing brings a person’s instincts out like having a child, explains Culver City matchmakers.  If you come into the life of a single parent you better be ready because they don’t take anything from anyone like many single people do. What’s more?  They will be highly concerned about who they let into their lives because they know it will also affect their children’s lives.  Once a single parent notices any sign that you might not be good for their children, the relationship won’t progress to anything serious.  This is not to say that if you have a bad habit you’re out the door, just remember that when dating a single parent you also have to woo the children and be a positive example.

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5. Remember The Ex

On many TV shows and Hollywood movies you’ll see a single parent’s ex portrayed as being crazy or out of the picture completely, and it may be the same in real life.  Of course some exes can generally be happy, but you need to be prepared if you’re dealing with an ex who is a handful.  You also need to keep your eyes open for that crazy ex that thinks you’re a threat to their children.  Know that maybe someday they’ll warm up to your presence in their child’s life, but be prepared for some eye rolling, unpleasant behaviors, and badmouthing you to their children.  Sometimes it can take years before their children will be able to form their own opinion about you, one that is different from the ex’s influence, and in such cases, you must learn to be patient.  Let your own personality and genuine kindness be your guide, explains Culver City matchmakers.

6. Don’t Be Too Eager to Meet Their Children

It’s an unspoken rule that single parents should not introduce their children to the person they’re seeing until things get serious.  Just imagine how devastating it would be for a child to really accept and get along with someone, that in the blink of an eye is gone; this type of scenario can truly bring on issues.  You probably won’t meet their children until they’re sure you’ll be sticking around for a while.  Not only does this protect their little children from a revolving door of dates, but it’s also a single parent’s way of preparing their children for that big introduction, which can be a challenge in itself.

Remember, it will not be easy to date a single parent if you expect the relationship to be solely be based on the two of you.  If you understand and follow the advice brought to you today by Culver City matchmakers at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service, and you’re willing to give it your all, you can achieve a happy and healthy relationship with a single parent.

If you’re single and looking to meet compatible, like-minded singles in Los Angeles, contact Los Angeles Singles today and let them help you achieve the dating success you’re looking for.