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Encino dating experts from LA Singles Dating Service reveal how to handle a workplace relationship.

A lot of people frown on those who date in the workplace as it can easily get in the way and cause many problems at the office, especially if the relationship goes sour.  However, not everyone can choose who they like or fall in love with, so if you want to date someone from your workplace, Encino dating experts from LA Singles Dating Service have some helpful tips you must keep in mind to make sure you can pull it off the right way.


Don’t Let Your Relationship Come Between Your Work

If you decide you want to date at your workplace, the most important tip to remember is not to let your relationship interfere with your work.  You don’t want your boss or your partner’s boss noticing the relationship is causing you to perform at an unsatisfactory level.  Make sure the two of you continue to meet all deadlines and always put in your best efforts.

Get Ready for Office Rumors

No matter where you work, rumors are going to be spread.  It’s highly likely that someone at the office is going to start creating rumors about the relationship, but don’t let the rumors affect your work or your relationship in the slightest.

Don’t Date Everyone in the Office

It’s one thing to have a relationship with someone in the office, but don’t make it a habit to go through everyone.  Your work office shouldn’t be your dating pool where you choose partners from, states Encino dating experts.  If your work relationship doesn’t work out, start looking somewhere else—somewhere a little less complicated.

Don’t Indulge in PDA at the Workplace

There is nothing wrong with showing your partner a little PDA, but at the office you’ll want to keep it at bay.  Some places don’t allow kissing, hugging, or even pet names.  If you’re dying to kiss or hold your partner’s hand, go to lunch together—you don’t want your boss or co-workers to catch you being all lovey dovey with your partner.

Don’t Become Jealous

When you start dating a co-worker you don’t want to become the office snoop and you need to avoid being jealous.  Don’t lurk around the corner when your partner is in the office of an attractive co-worker, don’t question every meeting they go to, or worse question co-workers or even accuse them of cheating.

Try Dating Someone from a Different Location

When you date someone that works at the same office as you, you’re bound to get tired of seeing them every day.  This is why it’s important you try to find someone you won’t see on an hourly basis.  A different floor or even a different location will make things a lot easier.

Don’t Flirt via Email

Even if the two of you are crazy for each other, you don’t want to use the company resources to show it, warns Encino dating experts.  Don’t ever flirt through emails; instead, stick to your own text messages or just avoid it altogether.  Remember that nowadays emails are intercepted by bosses and anything you write can be read by them.


Give Each Other Plenty of Space

Since you already know you’re going to see your partner after work, it’s important that while at work, you give each other plenty of space.  Spending time apart is essential to a relationship, explains Encino dating experts—everyone needs their space and private time—this way you’ll value the time the two of you spend together.

Don’t Share Every Detail of Your Relationship with Your Co-workers

It is never suggested to tell your co-workers every little nitty gritty detail about your love life.  Sharing details about your love life can get your co-workers spreading rumors about you, so save that chitchat for your outside friends.

Don’t Let Work Come between the Two of You

Just like you don’t want your relationship to affect your work, you also don’t want your work to affect your relationship, explains Encino dating experts.  Leave the work gossip and drama at the office.  While it’s okay to talk about work outside the office, you don’t want to let it become a stressor between the two of you.

Make Your Intention Known

If you’re looking for a long term relationship you need to let your partner know.  The same rule goes if you’re only looking for a casual thing.  It is always best to put everything out in the open so the two of you know what to expect from the relationship.  This will help you avoid nasty rumors, drama, and fights from going into the workplace.

Don’t Keep the Relationship Secret

In the office world, you know everyone notices everything—even before you do.  People will probably already know the two of you have a thing going on so there is no point in trying to keep it a secret.  Be honest with your co-workers, and if your boss calls you to their office to ask you questions, don’t lie to their face.


Keep the Fights at Home

In any relationship you’re bound to experience fights, and the truth is, fights are actually healthy, but what is not healthy is to fight at the workplace, explains Encino dating experts.  You are going to want to make sure your fights and drama stay at home.  Don’t ever argue or yell at each other at work, it’s not professional at all, and could even be grounds for firing.

Have an Exit Plan

In the event your relationship goes down south, have an exit strategy plan—this way the two of you can avoid embarrassment and rumors.  The two of you must have a conversation and decide how the two of you will handle a breakup.  It’s always best to plan an amicable breakup.

Don’t Ever Date a Superior

This rule is set in stone—you should never date a boss or someone who is higher up the chain.  This can lead to lawsuits, claims of favoritism, and many office problems, warns Encino dating experts.  Always date someone who is on your level.

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