Encino Dating Agency Reviews 6 Signs You’re Ready to Have a Family

Dating in Los Angeles is tough, let alone finding a compatible partner to share your life with.  Whether you have found your perfect partner through our professional matchmaking services here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service or found them out of blind luck, consider yourself lucky if you found yourself a keeper.

Are you ready to start a family?  Parenthood is not an easy thing, but when you are serious about starting a family, you just feel it.  Today, our Encino dating and relationship experts will review the signs you’re ready to start a family.

Deciding to start a family will be the biggest decision you will make in your life.  Will we be the best parents? Can we afford to have a child? How is my life going to change?  These questions are completely normal and are to be expected.  And, yes, of course your life will completely change, the question is, are you ready?

The two of you will now be in charge of another human being, someone who demands your full attention and will require a lot of energy.  For the first few months, it will be tough.  There will be smelly diapers, bottle feedings, illnesses, and plenty of sleepless nights.

Signs You Know You’re Ready to Have a Child

So how can you tell you’re ready to start a family?  Take a closer look at the list that our Encino dating and relationship experts have put together and find out if it’s time to take the leap into parenthood.  It’s one roller coaster you want to be prepared for.


1. You Both Have a Pet Together

This will be one of the most important indicators that you are ready to be responsible of another life.  The two of you have already lived together, enjoyed the first year of being intimate and bonding together, had plenty of get togethers, and bought nice things, but these things are no longer important, so you purchased a pet.

It feels nice to take care of something else, and this is what we call building a nest.  It is the first step to finding out what it means to take care of another life and take on more responsibilities.  Provided that your pet did not die of neglect, this is a big sign you are ready to start a family.  So, yes, having a pet together can mean you are both ready to move onto parenthood.

2. You Have Mentioned the Idea

If you or your partner expressed your wondering thoughts of what it would be like to have a kid, and have had the reply of, “I don’t know.  I think we would be great parents,” then you’re both heading in the right direction.

Perhaps the conversation went something like this: “I would love to have children someday,” and you replied, “Yes, me too.”  So if you both already had the conversation and you’re both on the same page about it, then it might be time for both of you to come out and say it.

3. You Look at Other Pregnant Women

Regardless if you are a male or female, when you subconsciously start thinking about becoming a parent, you will be naturally drawn to pregnant women.  You will start to imagine what it would be like to experience that feeling.  If you are a woman, you might question what it feels like to be pregnant, and if you are a man, you will start to imagine what it would feel like to have your woman be pregnant.  If you feel your eyes are drawn to pregnant women and positive or curious thoughts fill your head about pregnancy and parenthood, then Mother Nature is trying to hint something to you.

4. You Love Spending Time with Children

If the two of you love spending time with a niece or nephew, then that’s a huge clue you might be ready to take the next step.  The two of you love spending time with children, together or apart.  Children, in general, enhance our lives and if you and your partner enjoy the company of children, taking them out as a couple, and neither of you get mad when they get covered in chocolate ice-cream, then you both might be ready for the next step.

One thing to keep in mind when you’re around children is to take note if the little one breaks something.  You’re allowed to feel annoyed at it, but of course you shouldn’t have a mental breakdown if the little one breaks something important or spills grape juice all over your ivory carpet.

Being a parent means accepting that the child will eventually break and spill things around the house.  If you’re both okay with this, then you’re both ready to be parents.

5. You Stop to Admire Babies While You’re Out

Babies can be the cutest things in the world; after all, there is something about them that makes us feel good on the inside.  Who knows, maybe it’s those innocent little eyes and the way they look up at you.  If you both stop while you’re walking at the mall when you see a baby, it could mean your connection to each other trying to tell you that you’re ready for the next step.


6. Both of You Start Saving

Normally, we try to save when we want to accomplish a goal, say for a vacation, a new home, a car, or a wedding, but if both of you have started saving money without having an actual intention, it might be an indication that you’re saving to build your nest.  Kids cost a lot of money and there is no denying that; from the bassinet to the cost of clothing, it’s not cheap saving for that nest.  If you find that the both of you have started saving money and are not really talking about what it’s for, perhaps both of you are thinking of what might be around the corner.

So if you think both of you are ready for the next step, parenthood, then go for it.  If you’re still apprehensive about it, our Encino dating and relationship experts want you to wait a while until you are both ready.  But until the time is right, relax and enjoy each other’s company.

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