Encino Dating Service – 12 Signs She’s Not Feeling You

Are you having a hard time figuring out if the woman you’re after is into you?  Today, Encino dating experts from Los Angeles Singles Dating Service will review some common signs that tell you she’s not attracted to you.

Women are very difficult to understand, but that’s not new to you.  No two women will ever be alike, and that’s why different women react different in different situation.  With that being said, there isn’t a rule that fits every woman, but despite not being ‘one rule fits all,’ you can still figure out how she feels by certain things she does.  We’re guessing the main reason you’re reading this blog is because you have a problem right now, and as hard as you think it is to read a woman’s mind, there are a few tell-tale signs that will let you know she’s into you or if she’s ignoring you.


1. There Isn’t Any Eye Contact

She simply does not look your way, and we’re not referring to that shy quick look away type deal many women do when they’re interested, we’re talking about not looking at you at all.  You can test this very easily by looking for a woman who is with a man and paying attention to how she looks at him.  Then, do the same thing with the woman who has your attention.  If she looks at you with the same look, then she’s interested, but if she doesn’t even give you a second, of her time, then she’s obviously not feeling you.

2. She Doesn’t Respond

The thing with women is that they have a hard time saying no because they don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, and this can work against you.  So instead of telling you a flat out no, she could be making an excuse or stalling.  If you have asked her out and she doesn’t feel comfortable rejecting you, she might not say no because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, but she may come up with a weird excuse (but still, she’s not into you).

3. She Seems to Be Bored

So you finally made a move and asked her out on a date—she must be into you, right?  Wrong. First dates are full of potential, but Encino dating experts knows they can quickly go down south.  If she seems bored, has her arms crossed, and she is fidgeting with her fingers, then you already know she is not into you.  A lot of women go on pity dates simply because they cannot say no, and they usually do this so you stop harassing them into going out.

4. It Has Always Been a Group Date

Other than going out on pity dates, when a woman is not interested, she will often agree to going out on a group date.  It’s true, she will try to lighten up the atmosphere by bringing her friends along.  What this means is that she is not comfortable going out with you one to one, but she’s afraid to tell you a flat out no to your face.

no spark

5. You Only Get Introduced as a Friend

There is a huge difference between being introduced as someone’s friend and being introduced as just a friend.  A friend can be anyone she knows; however, when you’re introduced only as just a friend, it means you are only her friend and nothing else.

6. She Talks about Other Men

This can mean one of two things: One, she is not into you at all and is trying to deter you from competing or she is telling you there are other men interested in her in hopes you’ll step up your game.  However, when she is not into you, she will ask you for advice about other men, and that’s because she truly only sees you as a friend.

7. She Doesn’t Get Ready for You

Now if you know women, you know that they always make an effort to look great, but when a woman is only hanging out with a friend, she’s not likely going to put too much time into her appearance.  For example, she may not wear a lot of makeup, she won’t apply lipstick, and she won’t dress up.  Think about this woman you have your eye on, have noticed that every time you see her, she is wearing her gym clothes or lounge around outfits?  If so, that is bad news for you.  If every time she knows she’s going to see you she makes it a point to be comfortable, then it’s because you are only a friend in her mind.

8. She Tells You She Likes You as a Friend

Nothing can secure a spot in the friend zone faster than being told that you’re a great friend.  Either you need to tell her your feelings right away or accept the fact that this relationship isn’t going to go anywhere beyond friendship.

9. She Gets Uncomfortable When You Send Her a Gift

She might get hesitant to accept your gift or even question why you’re doing such a nice thing.  If she was into you, she would accept it, smile, and thank you.  But if she is not into you, there is a good chance she might even send it back.

10. “I Wish More Men Were Like You”

Uh-oh. Now this one spells trouble for you.  The translation of this commonly used phrase is, “I only like you as a friend, nothing more.”  It doesn’t matter how nice, chivalrous, or funny you are, the only thing she wishes is that another man had those qualities.  Just take it as a compliment and move onto someone who will appreciate you for the entire package.


11. She Tells You Her Dream Man & You Are the Opposite

Not many women will tell you flat out that you’re not their type; however, women can be a little sneaky.  Many women will tell you their ideal man so you get the hint that you don’t fit the bill.

12. She Calls You When She Is in Need of Something

Whether it’s to help her fix her computer or assist her moving furniture, you are the one she always calls.  This can seem manipulative but women know that men love helping a damsel in distress and she knows you’re always there for her like a great friend should be.  If you’re the one she always calls, it’s likely because she sees you as a great guy friend.

Encino dating experts know the LA dating scene can be tough to navigate on your own.  If you’re struggling to figure out whether someone is into you, use the above signs a woman is not into you to figure out where you stand.  And if the odds aren’t in your favor, don’t worry, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

If you’re struggling to meet attractive, compatible women in Los Angeles, contact the dating professionals at Los Angeles Singles today and let them help you meet quality women.