Encino Dating Service with First Date Tips for Mature Singles

Encino dating service, Los Angeles Singles, brings you great first date ideas for mature singles. 

When meeting someone for the first time the location can play a big part on the date’s success.  The right balance of atmosphere and activities will help you and your date feel comfortable throughout the day/night—and maybe even start a fire.  So get ready for some great tips from local Encino dating service Los Angeles Singles.

Although it provides a casual and comfortable atmosphere, meeting for a quick cup of coffee doesn’t usually give you enough time to get to know someone.  A first date should be a chance and opportunity of getting to know someone really well, maybe try something you never tried before.  Today, the Encino dating experts have some great suggestions to accomplish just that—as well as some extra tips you need to know about how to have a successful first date.

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Visit Local Zoos or Aquariums

There is a lot you can do at a local museum, you can have so much fun.  Zoos and aquariums are places where live creatures are constantly roaring and splashing, providing you excellent sights to see and talk about together—to avoid those awkward first date silences.  You can visit a jellyfish exhibit, watch the lions roam and monkeys swing from side to side—you can even end the date by grabbing some coffee and snacks at the local gift shop. 

A Walk at a Local Park

Public parks make for a great first date.  They are safe as long as you choose a populated park—you always want to feel safe and secure.  Parks are great because they are full of activities and you can people watch.  Need some conversation starters?  See who can name more bird species around or count how many passersby are wearing hats.  Bring along some coffee or something to have a small picnic.  If you have a dog, this would make the perfect opportunity to bring them around—pets put people at ease as well as give you an extra conversation topic.

Local Fairs & Festivals

Encino dating experts know festivals and fairs are a lot of fun for mature singles.  They have live music, food, and games.  You can relive your childhood moments by eating some cotton candy or travel back in time while you watch the blacksmiths at the renaissance fairs.  Check the local Encino newspaper to know when the next fair or event is coming to town.

Go Sightseeing Together

Choose who will be doing the driving, or better yet, hop on a local bus tour of your own city.  You can learn a lot of new facts and go anyplace you want.  You can go on a group tour via a Segway or even join a bicycle club and go in a larger group.  Google some great areas to visit in your town.

Visit a Local Farmer’s Market

With this type of date you can kill three birds with one stone.  You can spend the afternoon sampling local farmers’ fresh foods, purchase locally grown products and help the environment all at once.  Oh, and did we forget?  You will have a great date too, so make that four birds with one stone!

Visit a New Restaurant

This is a very common questions many first daters will ask themselves, where do you want to go out to eat?  The Encino dating experts suggest going somewhere you’ve never eaten before.  Pick a restaurant with a cuisine you’ve never tried and order sample dishes to share with each other—this will give you the opportunity to discuss your opinions—likes and dislikes and experience something new together. 

Go to a Cooking Class

Cooking classes can be fun and sexy.  There are cooking classes for all levels available in many towns so check out your local newspaper and see what local community services and colleges are offering the courses.

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Have a Picnic

One of the most romantic and soothing things you can do in the outdoors, especially now that spring is rolling around, is to have an outdoor picnic.  There is something romantic about two people eating in the outdoors.  If both of you go together to shop for food and drinks it will add to the date as it will allow you time to get to know each other’s likes and create a fun bond.  If not, figure out what your date likes and bring it along.

An Art Display

If one of you happens to be an art lover, what better way to spend the afternoon than walking and enjoying a gallery display?  You can also sign up for a history lecture at your local college.

Get Moving

Perhaps your date enjoys physical activity and even shares your passion for golf, tennis or even sailing.  Any type of activity that gets you moving is a great suggestion for a first date.  Not only will you have fun, but for those matures singles, it will help you stay in shape.  Plus, engaging in any type of physical activity can increase the levels of intimacy.

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Dinner & a Movie

This is a classic date idea that will never go out of style for mature singles, but younger couples also choose this type of date idea because they know it’s a classic.  What better way to get to know someone than sharing a meal with them?  If you want to take things slow, make it two cups of coffee or tea and dessert at a local bakery.  The date can also be followed by a movie at a local theatre.  Choose a movie that you’ll both enjoy. 

Another alternative to this date would be preparing a meal at home and watching a movie there.  This will add a personal touch to the date.  Also, having a familiar surrounding could make you feel comfortable and more relaxed, but it’s best to do this type of date with someone you’ve been introduced to through a friend or dating service—not someone you chatted with online and never met.

Encino dating experts want you to know there are plenty of great first date options, all you need to do is use your imagination to come up with something fun.  Just be sure to avoid anything that is too competitive or strenuous; after all, you don’t want to strain or injure yourself.  Another important thing to focus on is safety.  Remember to keep an eye on your alcohol intake and never drink and drive.  Avoid isolated areas if you’re planning to have a picnic outdoors.  If you are going somewhere far, take your car—and if you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation call a close friend.  Remember that in order to have a successful first date you must bring the most important thing—an open-mind, a positive attitude, and low expectations. 

If you’re looking to meet mature singles in Encino, contact the Encino dating experts from Los Angeles Singles to set up a consultation today!