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Encino matchmakers from Los Angeles Singles Dating Service are reviewing how a lot of people commonly sabotage their romantic relationships.

Even in the best relationships, you might find your inner-personality comes out to play—you know, the one that suffers from jealous, constant doubts, insecurities and negativity.  But having this type of personality can easily sabotage your wonderful relationship—and before you know it, the effects cannot be undone.  If you fear you might be the one sabotaging your romantic relationship, Encino matchmakers have some helpful tips to help you avoid doing that from here on out.

Let Your Fears Come out in the Open

Everyone has fears, even when they are involved in a healthy relationship.  As people, we have certain feelings we suppress, but eventually those feelings will come out in the open.  Instead of avoiding these types of fears, Encino matchmakers suggest you voice them, write them down, or talk to your partner about them.  Are you afraid of having your heart broken?  Do you think you are not as lovey as you used to be?  Are you afraid your partner doesn’t care about you as much as they once did?  Let it all out and you will feel much better, much more secure in your relationship together.

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Be Open When It Comes to New Things

A relationship will never succeed if you refuse to try anything new with your partner and your partner will certainly get tired of hearing the word no every time they suggest something new.  Sticking to the same boring routine will turn into mundaneness and your relationship will become predictable, explains Encino matchmakers.  Always be open to trying new things with your partner.

Don’t Compare Your Relationship to Others

A lot of people like to compare their relationship to those of friends or even ones they had in the past.  It is essential to remember that no relationship will ever be alike—not the ones of your best friends or the ones you previously had.  You should only focus on what you and your partner have and only concentrate on how your relationship is progressing.  Comparing you relationship to others is never healthy.

Don’t Expect Everything to Be Perfect

You will never be perfect, and neither will your partner—you’ll both have flaws, you’ll both have ups and downs.  You never want to get into a new relationship or stay in one with hopes of perfection.  Avoid being disappointed with your partner for something they did wrong and understand that no one is perfect and mistakes are going to happen.

Don’t Become Too Untrusting

Unless your partner gives you a valid reason not to trust them, there should be no reason why you can’t trust them, explains Encino matchmakers.  Don’t let experiences from previous relationships creep into your new one and don’t start doubting your partner’s commitment to you because you will end up ruining your own relationship in the process.  If you find yourself not being able to trust your partner, figure out why and get to the bottom of it.

Don’t Ever Keep Score

With any relationship you don’t want it to reach a point in which the two of you are keeping a tally of what happens between you.  You’ve gone out to dinner four times in one month, but your partner only paid for it once—your partner says they care for you, but you want them to care more—keeping score as if your relationship is a competition is unhealthy, warns Encino matchmakers.  It not only shows that you don’t feel understood, but it also shows a bigger problem at hand—it is now time to talk about it. 

Always Think Before You Speak

If there was something you should have learned when you were little, something that still holds true, it’s that you shouldn’t blurt out anything whenever you feel like it.  Before you speak out of anger, think about the words you’re about to use and refrain from causing unnecessary drama.


Be Willing to Do What It Takes

In a romantic relationship you should be ready and willing to take the plunge.  Without giving your 100% to your partner, the relationship will not survive.  Don’t be afraid to take that dive, and if you are afraid, maybe you shouldn’t be in a relationship.

Imagine the Bigger Picture

Relationships are in constant change—you’ll find one day you’re melting over your partner and the next day you’ll be angry at them for whatever reason, but at the end of the day, you should focus on the big picture.  Understand that arguments and conflicts are going to happen, but in the end, you have a great partner by your side—don’t dwell on little things.

Love Yourself

In any type of relationship, if you don’t love yourself you will never love your partner.  Without being able to love yourself and be confident in who you are, your relationship will not succeed, explains Encino matchmakers.  Start loving and caring for yourself every day. 

Don’t Ever Lose Yourself

By nature, people change when they get involved in relationships.  You might find yourself starting to think your self-worth is only based on the things you do for your partner and for other people, and while you want to be committed to your relationship, you don’t want to lose yourself because of it.  You still need some time for yourself as well as to hang out with your own friends and do the things you like.

Learn from the Past, but Don’t Redo It

Relationships that end in a bad way can influence any relationship you have; however, instead of reliving the past, think of your new relationship as a new beginning.  Keep everything you learned from your past relationships in the back of your mind, but don’t assume your new one will be just like that—if you do, you’re only sabotaging your own relationship.

Know When to Discuss Problems

When something isn’t going right in your relationship you’ll have to talk to your partner about it, and knowing when and where is essential, explains Encino matchmakers.  Don’t discuss your problems on a date, at a family get together, or the minute your partner walks in the door—this will only make the problems bigger.

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