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Encino matchmaking experts from Los Angeles Singles review the many reasons you should never post anything about your relationship on Facebook.

Social networking is no longer used just to keep in touch with people from high school and college; instead it has become the newest platform so everyone can put up the latest on their lives.  You see people Facebooking everything from what they eat down to their relationship status—and just about everything in between.  When you are dating someone new, it’s likely you’re going to feel the urge to tell the whole world about it; however, Encino matchmaking experts from Los Angeles Singles warn you there are a few things you need to keep off Facebook—like the ones they’ll reveal for you below.


Telling the World Makes Room for Comments

When you are starting to date someone new, you’re bound to receive comments, but you’ll get even more when you decide to post it on your Facebook Wall.  Once you decide to make the news live feed on Facebook, be prepared that your friends and family are going to comment some things you might not like.

It Paves the Way for Breakups

Ending a relationship is already hard as it is, but having to tell it to your whole Facebook Wall is even worse.  No one wants to share with hundreds of friends that they were not able to maintain a relationship.  Going from “In a relationship,” to “Single” can draw all kinds of attention—especially during the most painful time of your life.

 It Creates All Sorts of Pressures

This one can go either way, explains Encino matchmaking experts.  But maybe you or your partner insists on changing each other’s relationship status or maybe it’s you who wants to change it so you can show your partner how loyal you are.  This can create all kinds of unnecessary drama if you don’t want to change it or your partner doesn’t agree.  This unnecessary argument can bring all kinds of resentment and negativity to your relationship.

There Is Explaining to Do

Even if your relationship is on the verge of crashing, it isn’t wise to share it on Facebook by changing your status to “Single.”  This change will only open to the world an explanation from you—because of this change, a lot of your friends are bound to message you and ask what happened to your relationship, if you’re okay, and what’s going on?

Single is an Open Invitation

Facebook has become the newest dating site, and if your relationship status is currently set to “Single,” maybe you are set for a rude awakening.  It’s guaranteed if your relationship status is set for “Single” you’re bound to get a lot of messages, requests, and pokes.  “Single” in the Facebook world often means “Looking for a good time.”  Beware of creeps on the prowl in the Facebook world. 

There Will Be Less Drama

By completely keeping your relationship off Facebook, you’re bound to experience less drama.  There are a lot of people who only have a motive of ruining people’s relationships—add to this the pettiness and immaturity of many people and you have a recipe for disaster.  It’s best to wash your hands completely and stay clear of putting your relationship on Facebook. 

You Avoid Bringing Your Ex into the Equation

If you are like the majority of people, you probably still have your ex on your Facebook.  When your relationship suddenly goes from “Single” to “In a relationship,” it’s clearly going to bring some drama coming from your ex.  This change can make your ex become a stalker or even try to destroy your new relationship.


Only Share with Those Closest to You

When your relationship status goes from “Single” to “In a relationship” you’ll find a lot of people will begin to take interest in your life.  Even if you only want to share the happy times, you shouldn’t because a relationship is between two people and not the world.  It’s recommended to share details of your relationship with those who are closest to, not the 1,000 friends, acquaintances, and co-workers you have on Facebook. 

It Opens the Door for Blackmail

This might sound a little extreme, but it has happened in the past.  Maybe one of your friends on your Facebook list likes your partner or maybe someone has previous dated your partner—whatever the case might be, publicly letting the world know you’re in a new relationship can bring unnecessary drama from a partner who refuses to move on. 

You Avoid Unnecessary Drama

Some people get really bothered about how they want to share news—should you really post that on Facebook?  Should you change your relationship status?  Should you put that picture of you two kissing?  Or a picture of you and your new partner out to dinner?  All of this can be eliminated if you just keep your relationship off of Facebook and only share it with those who are closest to you.

Less People to Judge You

One week you’re dating someone, the next you’re dating someone new.  Then, two weeks later, yep, you’re single again.  While this might not sound like a big deal to you, announcing it to hundreds of friends opens the door for judgment—this can be a real problem if you’re the type of person who is really sensitive.

Your Relationship Statuses Can Be Viewed by Your Employers

By now, you already know that employers are constantly checking up on their employees’ Facebook.  Maybe you’re dating someone who isn’t up to societies’ standards or maybe you’re dating someone from the same company—so, yes, your relationship status can affect your professional life.


There Is Less Confusion

A lot of times people can get too into Facebook that they truly forget to live their lives in the real way.  Even if your relationship is now better but you forget to change your “It’s complicated” to “In a relationship” your partner might get upset at you because you didn’t change it.  Not putting your relationship on Facebook will give you less problems and less confusion and headaches.

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