Find Love after 40 with Los Angeles Matchmakers

Matchmaking service in LA, Los Angeles Singles, reveals 15 helpful tips for singles in their 40’s.

If you are like many singles in their 40’s, you might realize that you’re in the prime of your life, and right now is the best time to enjoy yourself.  In fact, with so many life lessons under your belt, now is the best time to find yourself the perfect partner, someone who is loyal, someone who is compatible, someone who can be your true soul mate.

You might be scoping out the online dating scene, using a matchmaking agency, like Los Angeles Singles Dating Service, that has helped thousands of people find true love, or you could be out on the Los Angeles singles scene making your own connections as you hop from one hot spot to another, but whatever avenue you prefer to meet new people in LA, it never hurts to have some expert advice for dating in your 40’s.  After all, getting some helpful advice will help you navigate the choppy waters of dating in LA.

Today, our Los Angeles matchmakers will share their top tips with you for when it comes to finding love after 40.  Their words of wisdom are designed to help you land the perfect relationship.  From years of personal matchmaking experience, we have gathered so many helpful tips that will help you identify what you want so you can go out and get it.


Tips from Los Angeles Singles Dating Service

1. Always Show Gratitude

When you are grateful you feel good about yourself and because of it, you will be in the right frame of mind to attract a love interest.  Acknowledging what you have lays the foundation for better things, even in your love life.

2. Have Realistic Goals

Define the values and qualities you want from a partner.  Our Los Angeles matchmakers want you to try narrowing things down by level of importance.  Remember that nobody in the world is perfect and trying to find a Mr. or Mrs. Perfect will only keep you single.

3. Visualize Success

When it comes to dating, often times we are our own worst enemies.  Don’t let yourself be a negative influence in your thoughts, especially in regards to your age.  Every day, couples over 40 get married, so love can happen at any age as long as you are willing to find it.

4. Take Care of Yourself

A healthy lifestyle along with a positive mind are both essential for relationship success.  How great you feel about yourself will reflect in your appearance and the energy you carry, drawing positive partners into your life.

5. Follow What You’re Passionate About

Our Los Angeles matchmakers know that many singles out there put their lives on hold until they finally meet the one.  Don’t wait to take that special trip or to try the newest restaurant in town.


6. Step out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s time to start checking things off your bucket list.  If you always wanted to take that dancing class, now is the time to do it.  Besides pushing yourself to your limits and accomplishing new things, our Los Angeles matchmakers know trying new things will also give you the possibility of meeting new people.

7. Have an Open-Mind

If your ideal man is Brad Pitt, then you must revise your list.  Be realistic about what type of partner you want to be in a relationship with.  If you meet someone who has good core values and traits that are important to you, but they are not as tall as you wanted, give them a chance.

8. Learn from Previous Relationships

Being over 40 means you finally know what is important for you in life and relationships.  You can learn lessons from previous relationships and finally get it right.  Have you noticed any bad patterns you must break?  If so, now is the time to break them.  You can hire one of our dating and relationship coaches here at Los Angeles Singles to assist you in finding and cultivating that healthy and happy relationship you deserve.

9. Start Flirting

Men and women who are easy going and flirtatious are able to attract partners immediately.  If your flirting skills can use a little improving, practice in a non-threatening environment, such as a department store or a local coffee shop.  Hold that gaze for a little longer than you normally would and you might be surprised at the positive results you get.

10. Don’t Be Afraid to Hire the Professionals

We are open to seeking professional help in many areas of our lives.  We hire personal trainers, tax consultants, painters, and mechanics, yet when it comes to our love life, we neglect that there are professionals out there who can help us. Hiring a professional matchmaker will greatly enhance your chances of finding people who are compatible for you.  A reputable matchmaking agency, like Los Angeles Singles Dating Service, will only work with qualified individuals and ensure everyone you meet is like-minded and compatible.  This ensures a comfortable and respectful experience.

11. Love Yourself First

Self-appreciation is one of the most important steps in finding love.  The value you place on yourself is measured and returned by others.  In other words, if you don’t love yourself, no one else in the dating world will ever love you back.

12. Let Go of Past Issues

Anyone who has had a relationship in the past has been hurt, but now is the time to put an end to those issues for once and for all.

13. Learn a New Skill

Take dance lessons, cooking classes, or practice a new sport.  Learning a new skill will make you feel good and boost your confidence.

14. Always Wear Your Smile

Smiling will make you more approachable and enhance your chances of attracting someone of the opposite sex.  Smiling gives others around you the signal that you’re a warm and friendly person, making you less threatening for someone to approach.

15. Let Go of Your Baggage

If you’re 40 and you’re single, you have probably dated a lot in your life.  If you were married for years and the idea of dating again scares you, you need to understand that this feeling is normal.  Our Los Angeles matchmakers want you to unload that heavy baggage so you can finally be free and find the partner you desire.

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