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Encino matchmaking experts review insightful dating and relationship advice for creating a happy and loving relationship with your partner and your parents.

Relationships should involve two people but sometimes there is an outside influence, especially people who play a major role in how happy our lives (and relationship) can be, people with an important influence on us—parents.  A happy relationship is never easy, but things can become even more complicated when parents disagree… Your parents, your partner’s parents, or maybe both can create drama in a relationship, which can slowly chip away at the success of your relationship.  Today, the Encino matchmaking experts from Los Angeles Singles will review some signs your parents or your partner’s parents are sabotaging your relationship.

They Are Nosy

It’s okay to want to be close to your parents, but when you’re involved in a relationship you might find that some parents can become very nosy.  Maybe your parents show up at your house when you don’t expect them, or maybe they want you to spend time with often, them taking away time you would normally spend with your partner.  Parents like that can definitely chip away at the happiness in a relationship.  This is why it’s very important to set up boundaries early on to ensure your parents or your partner’s parents understand the rules.

They Don’t Like Your New Partner

Everyone wants to have their parents by their side and for them to accept the person they choose to date, but at the end of the day the only person that should be happy is you.  It’s all about being happy with the person you’re dating, but if your parents don’t like the person you’re dating or your partner’s parents don’t like you, it can definitely take a toll since we as humans seek approval from those around us—especially when it comes to something very important like our parents and dating.

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They Don’t Agree with the Relationship

Maybe your dad doesn’t like the idea of having to give you to another man or maybe your partner’s mother doesn’t agree with him dating you, whatever the cause might be, when parents don’t agree with the relationship they will often voice their opinion, making things even more difficult than what they already are for the two of you.  When parents don’t agree on a relationship, drama is always lurking.

They Still View You as a Baby

No matter how old you are or how far you’ve come in life, to your parents you’re still their baby.  However, the problem starts when your parents or your partner’s parents want to treat you like you’re still children.  Encino matchmaking experts encourage you to stand up to your parents when you must, not only for the sake of your relationship, but for your general well-being.  You need to be assertive with your parents and your partner with theirs; let your parents know that neither of you are babies and you can make decisions for yourselves.

They Take Things to another Level

Last weekend you decided you and your partner were going to travel to another city together for a day trip, but your parents insisted you attend a last minute BBQ at Aunt Nelly’s.  You decided to go on the day trip like you originally planned (in advance), but now your parents refuse to talk to you.  Parents have been known for blowing tings out of proportion and this is why it’s important to let your parents know your priorities have changed and your relationship is now a major priority for you.

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They Refuse to Let Go

For many years now your parents have gotten used to the idea of seeing you every day, even if it’s just for dinners after work; however, now that you are dating someone new, things are different and they don’t like that concept.  Since your parents are already used to seeing you whenever possible, it can be hard to break the cycle without breaking their hearts, but you have to let them know your time will be divided.   

They Want You to Follow in Their Footsteps

Just because you both share the same DNA doesn’t mean you both need to make the same exact decisions in life.  If your parents or your partner’s parents assume you or your partner will do as they did, things can go downhill quickly, warns the Encino matchmaking team.  Both of you need to ensure your parents understand that you and your partner will make your own choices in life. 

Things Are Not Working Out

Most women want to be able to get along with their partner’s mother and most guys want to get along with their girlfriend’s dad; however, sometimes things don’t always work out like the movies and people can rub each other the wrong way.  The best solution is to sit down and talk things out like mature adults.

They Are Not the Best Example

When it comes to dating, a lot of people look for advice and the first place to look is to parents.  Sometimes parents are not the best example, explains the Encino matchmaking team.  If your parents are divorced or your partner’s parents are in an unhappy relationship, the status of their relationship can affect yours.  Instead of looking to them, look for a positive example.

They Don’t Like Your New Lifestyle

Maybe you had to move to a different city in order to move closer to your new partner or maybe they don’t agree with the two of you spending money on traveling all the time, whatever the case might be, sometimes parents don’t agree with the lifestyle their children take and this can definitely affect your relationship, warns the Encino matchmaking team.  This is the perfect time to remind your parents that the choices you make in life are yours to be made, not theirs. 

They Put a Guilt Trip on You

Parents know exactly what to do in order to dump a guilt trip on you.  If your parents or your partner’s parents are known for giving guilt trips, that can surely affect your relationship.  The Encino matchmaking team suggests you strengthen the bond between you and your partner so nothing can come between it.

They Have a Negative Attitude

Negative parents can be your worst nightmare when you’re trying to have a successful relationship.  When parents start to focus only on the negative side of things you’ll start to see things how they see it.  Don’t let parents bring drama to your relationship just because the only see the negatives in things.  

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