Glendale Matchmakers Release the Ultimate Date Night Ideas

Dating in LA can seem like the same old, same old, but local matchmakers from Los Angeles Singles Dating Service are here to rev things up!

There is nothing our Glendale matchmakers love more than a perfect date.  But after years of common dinner dates, we started to crave a little more excitement.  Some of our matchmakers’ favorite date night ideas are the ones that are a little more unusual and out of the ordinary.  That is why our team of dating and relationship experts got together and created a list of their favorite date night ideas for you to suggest to your man.

We know that it’s tradition for the man to come up with the date idea, but we live in California and we don’t follow all the traditions.  We don’t think there is anything sexier than a woman who can come up with her own date ideas.  In fact, we know many men would jump at the chance to go on one of these types of dates.  So whether it’s your first date, third, or fifteenth, check out the following date ideas brought to you by our experts here at Los Angeles Singles.


1. A Late Night Market

Keep an eye open for a late night market near your area and you’ll be surprised by how many there really are.  Anything from food, fashion, vintage, and Halloween, there are many types of markets you can try.  A market date is ideal for many reasons.  First, the sights and the smells will give you and your date many things to talk about, but if you do find yourself struggling for conversation, you can easily break the silence by just talking about the location and all the different booths and stalls.  While all men will jump at the opportunity to try all the different foods available, you might want to check whether he’s a vegan before you take him to a meat market.  Oh, and don’t get too carried away if you go to a vintage market because the last thing you want to do is shop non-stop and lose his attention.  And remember, as much as you might enjoy a flower market, it might not be ideal for your man.  While there are a few things to watch out for, a well-chosen market can lead to an exciting and fun date, and who knows, maybe he’ll even buy you something—extra point!

2. A Drinking Date

Everyone knows that the majority of dates usually feature alcohol in one way or another, especially at night, but what we really love is a date that takes drinking to a whole other level.  What our Glendale matchmakers are referring to are wine tasting, beer tasting, whisky tasting, or cocktail tasting events.  That’s right, these are all great date night ideas your man will be sure to love.  Not only will a few drinks will make the conversation flow a lot easier, but on top of that, there is plenty of time for gentle teasing as you chat and try different beverages.  While tasting events can be fun and flirty, we recommend you taking it slow because you don’t want to consume more than you can handle.


3. A Night Picnic

A picnic at night?  Sure, that might not sound like a good idea right off the bat, but we think it’s a great idea, and let us tell you why.  First, it will be nighttime, which is sexy enough to begin with.  Being in the hot sunlight isn’t that romantic; however, when the lights are dim and the stars are out, well, now you have the perfect setting.  This also means you get to be close to him because it’s chilly at night, and we all know that the temps drop drastically when the sun goes down in California.  Pick a romantic spot, preferably a local park or even a local beach if you’re lucky to live by the sea.  Bring some food, a blanket, and some candles and head out for the perfect nighttime picnic date.

4. Go for a Tour

Who doesn’t like a good tour?  They’re informative and fun, and you don’t have to do all the talking.  A lot of towns do ghost tours, especially during the Halloween season, and this provides the perfect setting to snuggle up with your man.  At the same time, it’s probably not good to go to a ghost tour if you get scared easily.  But don’t worry, we got you covered.

Some towns offer sightseeing tours which will be great for you.  If you don’t think that listening to someone talk the entire date is for you, then you can try a treasure hunt.  Never heard of one?  Well, a lot of places have them.  Normally, you’re sent text messages with clues about places around the town and you and your date have to put your heads together in order to find the answer.  There is an abundance of fun to be had and it’s definitely one of those dates you will remember forever.


5. The Classic with a Spin

This date is for the traditional daters out there.  Yep, it’s the trip to the movie theater followed up by a candlelight dinner.  Yes, we know you’ve been on plenty of these before, but don’t worry, our Glendale matchmakers are not going to let you off that easily.  Oh, no, we’re not!  There are some simple ways you can spruce up this classic date idea.  First, you must pick the movie wisely.  Are there any drive-up movies or root top cinemas near you?  Are there any old movie theatres in your area?  Maybe there is a film that has not been released on Blockbuster, now that is a great date idea.  Next comes the meal.  Now here, it’s a good idea to find out what your date likes to eat.  Did someone say Japanese or how about Peruvian food?  There are countless options out there and you can even introduce your date to a new food they never tried before.

6. Culture Trip

Lots of galleries and exhibitions are open until the late night hours and they do make a great date night idea.  They’re interesting and exciting, given you’re into this type of thing.  When it comes to choosing the right type of exhibit, why not suggest somewhere you always wanted to go that way your date can learn a lot about you and you can impress them with your knowledge?  However, don’t show off too much because that is never attractive.  If there is no particular place you want to go, ask your date what they’re into or what they’d like to go see.

7. Bowling

Another classic, yet fun and exciting date you can do at night.  Yep, the class bowling never gets old.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie or a pro, bowling will make for a fun and laughter-filled evening together.  Whether you choose a modern or traditional bowling alley, there is always food, drinks, and fun to be had.

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