Hollywood Matchmakers Unveil Changing Dating Rules

Upscale dating and matchmaking service in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Singles, reveals modern day dating rules for men and women.

Dating again and unable to shake that feeling about the whole experience?  Are you worried that you’re going to do something wrong?  Are you debating about how and when to reach out to them?  We don’t blame you.  Today’s Hollywood dating landscape has completely changed in recent years.  The landscape is evolving fast, so fast it’s hard to keep up with it sometimes.  But before you give up on dating and become one of those people who believes they’re supposed to be forever alone, our Hollywood matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles have some tips for you.

Don’t Wait for Love to Come Find You, You Must Find It Yourself

Remember that hottie you gave your number to last Saturday at the local bar downtown?  Forget about him or her.  Finding love or anything that resembles it is all about taking matters into your own hands.  Just like anything else in life, you must go after it.  Remember, Cupid will only help those who help themselves.  Take risks, do new things, or hire a professional matchmaker to help you find love.  If you’ve been in a dating rut for some time, a professional dating coach will be all you need to get back on your feet.  You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.  Our elite team of matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles know the best dating strategy is to lead your day in a way that you enjoy yourself and surround yourself with positivity so that you can welcome love into your life and it doesn’t seem as though you’re on the hunt for it.  If you’re too desperate to find love, it will surely show in your vibe and people will be turned off by it.

Stop Being Too Picky

In past years, you probably heard that everyone had a type, even you, but we want you to scratch that thought out completely.  It’s time to put the idea of the type to the side and start thinking outside of the box.  Our elite team of Hollywood matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles tell our clients this piece of advice often.  Focus on what really matters in a partner, things like shared values, strong bonds, and friends.  Focus on important things rather than looks alone.  It’s time to start thinking about finding a partner you can’t live without because you love them deeply.


Pick up the Phone, Call Them, and Text Them

If you’re an old school dater and only like to keep in touch via phone calls, then you are the equivalent of a dating dinosaur in Hollywood.  Sorry, we have to tell you like it is.  You can cry all the tears you want due to the loss of intimacy, but communicating via text messages is what Hollywood and modern dating is all about.  Pick up the phone and make a phone call if you want to because it will make you stand out, but realize that text messages are a great way for quick and casual communication.  We suggest you accept and learn to adapt to all forms of communication in the dating world; you don’t want to be left behind.

If you are uneasy about the large number of text messages your date sends you, then talk to them about it.  The solution for any problem is to always be transparent about what you expect from the relationship.  Talk to your partner about what method of communication you like best and come to a mutual agreement.

Ladies, It’s Okay to Pay

Okay, we’re going to get straight to the point with this one.  You’re presumably on equal footing with every person you date, so if that’s the case, you need to be prepared to split the bill every time you go out on a date.  To put it in simple terms, you are living in the 21st century and you don’t need someone to buy you anything, right?  If you are an independent woman, it’s okay to pay half the bill or even for the entire date sometimes.  With that being said, if your date absolutely insists on paying, then go ahead and let him handle the bill.  Gratefully thank him for taking you out to eat and make a mental note to pick up the bill the next time or maybe just pay for the drinks.

If you’re getting back into the dating scene after years of being on the lay low, then it might be time to get acquainted with some new phrases.  “Want to grab tea,” or “Let’s hang out for a little.”  While you’re at it, don’t get confused about what those two things mean.  Daters today will ask you out to grab a cup of tea, just like they may ask you to hang out for a little.


Go at It at Your Own Speed

The headlines never lie.  More and more people are into having casual hookups, but if you are not into that, don’t worry because you don’t have to do something you’re not comfortable with.  Despite the rise in casual dating, there are many women and men who believe sex is something that needs to be withheld for a serious relationship, which is true.  The truth is, you are the person who decides when you sleep with someone.  Anyone who tries to convince you otherwise isn’t likely your Mr. or Mrs. Right.  Our Hollywood matchmakers want you to set dating boundaries and stick to them.

Explore All Avenues of Dating

The first person you go out on a date with isn’t likely going to be the one; neither is the third person.  This is why there is nothing wrong with pursuing all options available.  First, you will need quantity in order to find quality and you can’t truly know someone is right for you until you’ve dated many people and discovered what you want and don’t want in a long term partner.  Sharing coffee with someone doesn’t mean you’re both exclusive.  If you are convinced that after a cup of Joe you’re mutually exclusive, then you’re putting too much pressure into your brand new relationship.  Relax, have fun, and learn to enjoy dating and discovering what will make you happy in a relationship.

In the end, our Hollywood matchmakers want to ensure you bring your A-Game to the table and that you’re always ready to meet someone exciting.  If you go on a few disaster dates, so what?  Let it go.  At least they’ll make for a funny story to share.  Dating in the 21st century has definitely changed, but with the helping hands of our professional matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles, we’re sure we can help you manage.

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