LA Dating Service with How to Tell He’s Boyfriend Material

Trusted Los Angeles matchmakers from Los Angeles Singles Dating Service reveal helpful signs to tell if he’s boyfriend material or someone to throw back into the dating pool.

First dates can be fun, exciting, and most certainly very confusing.  With all the getting ready, picking topics of conversation, judging, drinking, and obsessing, it’s hard to find out whether or not it was actually a successful date.  There are so many things going on with a first date, and figuring out if there was a real connection is a serious matter to decipher.

Every matchmaker can agree on this.  Every date is different, every date has its own different clues, every date unfolds its own way, but with over 25 years of experience in the Los Angeles dating industry, Los Angeles Singles Dating Service has dealt with many clients and they understand what it takes to figure out whether or not he is boyfriend material.  So are you ready to figure out if the man sitting across from you has potential to be a good boyfriend?  If so, read on.


Did He Treat You With Respect?

This is probably one of the most important pieces of the puzzle.  Deep down, do you feel he respected you for the woman you are or do you feel he did not treat you with respect?  Was he out with you just because of your looks?  Was he only interested in the physical department?  Men who are serious about settling down and are looking for a worthy girlfriend are looking for a woman who is the entire package.  On your first date, he should also feel like the whole package to you.  He should be interested in you beyond your looks and should be impressed by your brains.  This isn’t to say he’s going to come out and tell you these things as he kisses or hugs you goodnight, but you should definitely pick up on his vibes, vibes that should be making you feel appreciated when out with him.

Did You Have a Good Time?

Yes, dating in LA can be one of the most stressful and nerve-wracking things to do, not to mention the complexity of first dates, but with the right man, first dates should be fun.  You should be able to move past awkwardness and enjoy each other’s company.  LA dating experts from Los Angeles Singles believe that laughter is one of the most important aspects of a relationship, following right behind communication.  If you don’t feel it from your date, it doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen, because he could just be nervous, but use your best judgment.  You could also give him another shot to see if he opens up more during the second date; sometimes, that’s all it takes.

How Did He Treat the Wait Staff?

Did he thank the parking attendant when he handed over his keys?  Did he make small talk with the wait staff?  Consider these types of behavior to be good.  A man who can treat people well, regardless of their income level or job position, will treat you in a considerate way.  The men who think they are better than others will be treating the taxi driver or doorman like they’re below him.  So if you notice that he was very polite with the wait staff, including valet, doorman, taxi driver, and the waiter, then he will be a good boyfriend in the future.

Great Conversation Skills

This means that instead of spending the entire date talking about himself he was asking probing questions to get to know you.  LA dating experts know that any man who asks you questions rather than talking about his own income, the car he drives, or his house at the beach, truly cares to get to know you.

His Phone Was Turned Off

Unless he is an on call surgeon or volunteers at a local fire station, his iPhone should not be anywhere in sight.  If he takes casual calls during the middle of the date, it means his priorities are elsewhere.  Do you seriously want to get involved with someone who can’t give up communication with his friends for one hour, not even on your first date?  Probably not.  On the contrary, a man who is boyfriend material will keep his cell phone out of sight because he wants to get to know you.  He is truly present because he knows he needs to be there to get to know you.

He Doesn’t Brag

He doesn’t mention how much his Rolex cost or what piece of real estate he just landed in Malibu.  A man who talks nonstop about how much things cost is basically insecure. They use money to try to get women and this is the type of man you want to stay away from.  A good man who is boyfriend material will not brag about his income, status, or the type of car he drives.

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Did He Arrange for a Second Date?

A real man knows he needs to set up a second date at the end of the first one.  If he doesn’t, it means he’s not a hunter, and it doesn’t matter what type of woman you are, you will need a hunter.

Was There a Kiss at the End?

This isn’t a make or break moment, but it does help to know if there was chemistry between the two of you.  One small kiss can speak volumes about the chemistry you both had.  If you didn’t get a kiss it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you, it means he was being reserved and did not go for it, which is respectable and polite.

Did You Get Any Bad Feelings?

You know exactly what is being talked about here.  Those icks, those bad feelings you get when you are out on a date with someone who rubs you the wrong way.  Even the most attractive, most accomplished, and seemingly perfect man can rub you the wrong way.  It doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with them, it just means the two of you aren’t going to work out.  Please don’t ignore that little voice inside of you.

Good luck in the big, confusing LA dating world.  Trust your gut and don’t waste any more time with someone who isn’t your ideal match.

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