LA’s Upscale Matchmakers Review Signs Your Partner Is Still Hung Up on Their Ex

LA’s expert matchmakers and dating coaches from LA Singles reveal helping dating advice for dealing with a partner’s ex. 

Is your partner still hung up on their ex?  Is their contact making you feel uncomfortable?  Is it paranoia or is there a real reason behind your worries?  Find out today with LA’s upscale matchmakers from LA Singles.

Is your boyfriend or girlfriend in constant communication with their ex?  Are you okay with that?  In most scenarios, their relationship should be okay.  Figuratively speaking, staying in contact with an ex should not be a problem, the problem arises when staying in touch goes up another level—to a level you’re not comfortable with.

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Is Your Partner Hung Up on Their Ex?

Does your partner meet with their ex all the time?  Do they share flirty conversations with them?  Have you ever read a message that says, “I miss the old times we had together?” or, “My partner doesn’t know I’m texting you”?  Well, now there is a problem because your partner is being secretive and reminiscing about the good old days when they dated.  But then again, do you think your partner wants to get back with their ex or are you being just a little bit too paranoid?

Is It Acceptable to Be Friends With an Ex?

Yes, of course it’s acceptable in some cases to remain friends.  Your partner can still remain friends with their ex as long as it’s a platonic friendship.  Being on friendly terms with an ex, saying hello from time to time, and interacting here and there on the phone is okay and even healthy.  But that’s not what’s bothering you, right?  It’s the more intimate and close conversations between your partner and their ex that are getting you irritated. 

So can your partner continue to have a closer relationship with their ex?  Well, it can be very difficult, especially because they have shared intimate times together, but, on the other hand, some people can keep a friendship at just a friendship without crossing the line, explains LA’s upscale matchmakers. 

The Right Balance

There is a thin line between being friendly with one another and being attracted to each other—and to make things worse, that thin line can get a little blurry because they have already gotten a taste of what it feels like to be on the other side.  How often does your partner stay in touch with their ex?  Every person is different and sometimes people can hang out platonically with an ex without having feelings develop, explains LA’s upscale matchmakers.  But how do you know when it’s affecting your relationship? 

Is It Damaging Your Relationship? 

So your partner talks to their ex all the time, is that a problem for your relationship?  What’s important is how you feel about it and where you intend to draw the line.  If you have a problem with your partner communicating with their ex, don’t keep those feelings hidden—voice them out loud, let your partner know.

Have a Talk with Your Partner

If you feel threatened because your partner is in constant communication with their ex, don’t be afraid to voice it.  Insecurity is completely acceptable when it comes to their relationship, don’t wait until they cross the point of no return. 

Signs You Need to Worry They’re Too Close…

Their Ex Has Become Too Needy

Your partner’s ex is trying to cling onto your partner.  They might have broken up with your partner, but it seems they’re still dependent on them and always going to them for emotional support. 

They Want to Get Back Together

Your partner’s ex is doing anything possible to get back together… How can you be sure?  Well, they text or say things to each other like, “I miss you,” “I wish things were different,” or maybe they even flat-out tell them they want to give it another shot. 

They Should Not Be Friends

Your partner has no reason to remain friends with their ex, yet they cannot keep a distance from each other.

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Your Partner is lying to You

Your partner is lying to you about how close they are with their ex—they’re much closer than you can even imagine.  Now, this is something you’re going to have to keep a close on.

There Are a Lot of Secrets

Your partner is keeping hidden information from you about all the times they meet up with their ex or are in contact with them.  If their relationship is so platonic, why lie to you to begin with? 

They’re Making Comparisons

When you and your partner are having an argument, your partner makes comparisons between you and their ex. 

There Are More Secrets

Your partner is not comfortable with you going through their text messages or emails… or worse, when their ex calls, they take the phone into another room. 

There Are Meetings

Your partner meets their ex frequently and for no apparent reason.

They Are Best Friends

Your partner treats their ex like their best friend and goes to them for everything.  In fact, they see their ex more than they see their best friends.

Who Will Be More Important?

Your partner gets into fights with you over their ex and every time there is an argument and their ex comes up, your partner always stands up for them and defends them—even if it means getting into a full out fight with you.  LA’s upscale matchmakers know that if this is the case, you’ve got trouble brewing in your relationship.  It’s time you have a serious talk with your partner to clear things up.

Relationships with exes are very complicated and they are certainly not as fun as movies make it out to be.  In real life, dealing with a partner who is in constant communication with an ex can be painful.  Deal with it if you think you can overcome it, but walk away if things cannot be fixed.  After all, everyone is different and every individual knows what they can tolerate when it comes to jealousy and insecurities.  If your partner chooses to defend their relationship with their ex instead of trying to get you to trust them, LA’s upscale matchmakers suggest you ask yourself where their priorities stand, really evaluate your relationship and where things are headed. 

Remember, there is nothing wrong with being friends with an ex, but if your partner is giving their ex more importance than you and your relationship together, that’s not something you should continue dealing with.  LA’s upscale matchmakers encourage you to have a calm discussion with your partner and get their honest opinion about the situation; after all, you don’t want to be