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Los Angeles Singles personal matchmaking experts explore texting rules for modern day dating for women.

Are you wondering what the right procedure is when it comes to texting a man in today’s technology crazed dating world?  Do you sit by your cell phone for hours waiting for him to text you?  Are you wondering what to say and when to say it?  Well, before you decide to hit send on that text message, Los Angeles Singles personal matchmaking experts have some basic rules when it comes to texting a man.

Texting is a huge problem that the previous generation did not have to handle.  Unlike love letters, a text message can be personal and impersonal all at once.  Once you send it, there is nothing you can do to retrieve it or take it back.  Because texting is the new phenomenon, especially in the dating world, there is a huge commotion and confusion when it comes to the right etiquette.  Texting a man isn’t as clear cut as it may seem.  Why?  Because every man is different.  But don’t panic, because Los Angeles Singles personal matchmaking experts have some guaranteed rules that will work for you—rules that are universal when it comes to texting a man—rules that will help you achieve dating success.


Never Text First

If you and a man have exchanged numbers, don’t be the first person to text.  The only first text you should give is the one where you text your number to him.  When it comes to texting, there are some rules that apply, just like when calling.  Texting has now replaced calling, because not a lot of people like the formalities of calling anymore, and let’s face it, it’s simple and convenient.

Don’t Text Right Away

Once you and this new man have broken the ice and started texting each other, or if he make it easier on you and texts you first, don’t reply within the first five seconds.  Yes, it might seem silly, but you don’t want him to think you are glued to your cell phone waiting for his message.  Now, you don’t have to wait days or hours before you reply, you can just give it a few minutes.  Let his mind wonder about what you’re doing, besides obviously waiting for his text message to arrive.

Nothing Nude Please

Unless you and your man have been dating for a very long time and you’re trying to get out of a romantic slump, there is no need to send him anything kinky over the phone.  In fact, sending a new man a nude or indecent picture of yourself will not only give him the wrong impression of you, and believe that it will give him the wrong impression, but it can also put you in an extremely vulnerable predicament, explains Los Angeles Singles personal matchmaking experts.  You have no clue who he will share the picture with—for all you know, he’s liable of putting it on the internet.

Always Be the First to Go

When it comes to texting, it is always suggested for women to be the first ones to go.  It’s always good to keep a conversation flowing, but just like anything else, a conversation will always come to an end—and here is how you handle it:  “I really enjoyed talking to you and I would love to continue, but I have a lot of work to do.  Do you have a coffee break later?  Maybe we can catch up then.” 

By doing this, you have accomplished two important things, explains Los Angeles Singles personal matchmaking experts.  One, you ended the conversation, leaving him craving more of you.  Two, you have opened things up for him to invite you to an actual date, which is always a plus.

Keep Things Short

Now, before you become a pro at text messaging, the first texts you exchange with him need to be short and sweet.  He doesn’t need to read a book about you every day.  A little bit of detail will go a long way, so don’t overdo the text messages.  Too much talking via text message can have the opposite effect and have him thinking you’re too chatty.  Even if you’re chatty like most women, you still want to leave a little bit hidden so he pursues you more, explains Los Angeles Singles personal matchmaking experts.

Wait a Few Days to Ask Him Out

If he has yet to get the point that you’re trying to go out on a date with him, then you can take matters into your own hands.  Of course when you ask him you want to give him a little bit of advance notice, the same as he would do for you—this way he can cancel any plans he has or reschedule them so he can go out on a date with you.


If You Text Him & He Doesn’t Respond, Let It Go

If you have texted this man several times and he has not responded to you, let it go.  Continuing to text him only sends him the message that you’re desperate and it tell shim you’re more invested than he is, explains Los Angeles Singles personal matchmaking experts.  The number one rule is that he should be more invested in you, or you should at least mirror the same level of commitment he’s showing you.  This is especially true during the first weeks of dating. 

It’s doubtful that he did not get your text or that he was too busy to shoot a quick and simple response back, so don’t kid yourself here.  It is often suggested to sit with your fingers crossed for a few days if he doesn’t respond… As a man, he will surely notice your absence and wonder where you’ve been.  Men are all about the chase and he will do whatever it takes to get your attention again.  If after a few days you still haven’t heard from him, then it might be because he isn’t into you—in this case, let it go and move on.

So there you have it, ladies.  The rules for texting a man are very similar to the rules of dating.  Allow time for communication, show a little mystery, and never give too much all at once making yourself look needy or desperate. 

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