Los Angeles Singles Personal Matchmaking Helps You Reenter the LA Dating World after Divorce

LA matchmaking and dating experts reveal their ultimate dating tips to successfully reenter the dating world after a divorce.

Many LA singles find the experience of reentering the dating world exciting, yet intimidating at the same time.  But we as people need to have a partner by our side to embark on life, a yearning that must be met.  In the United States alone, fifty percent of all marriage end in divorce, and while these numbers are scary, the truth is, as we change over the years, so comes change in what we want in a partner.  So before you jump back into the LA dating scene head first, there are many factors you need to consider.  By taking time getting to know yourself as a single person, you will find more satisfaction and happiness when you do decide to date again.  Today, Los Angeles Singles Matchmaking Service will bring you some helpful tips to reenter the LA dating scene.

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1. Practice Self-Discovery

Your new single status should allow you to learn new things about yourself.  Los Angeles Singles dating and relationship experts encourage you to explore different areas of your personality to prepare yourself for everything that is coming in your future.  Allow your mind to completely heal from your devastating divorce.  Divorce can certainly take a drastic toll on your self-esteem, causing you to be depressed, but understand that this feeling is completely normal and don’t dwell on it too much.  Use your experience to become a stronger person, learn to take care of yourself and your own needs, and nurture and pamper your body and mind as you start a brand new chapter of your life.

2. Go Slow

Give yourself and your children, if you have them, time to grieve if you have experienced the death of a spouse.  Not dating during this healing process will save you from making any impulsive mistakes because of being vulnerable.  You need to understand that rebound relationships hardly ever turn into something serious and they can prevent you from completely healing.  This is especially important for single parents facing divorce or the loss of a spouse.  Give yourself and your little ones plenty of time to adjust to the new situation in your lives.  Always enter the dating scene at the speed that is right for you, create a new social circle to fill lonely evenings, and hang out with friends to fight depression.

3. Don’t Lower Your Expectations

Never settle for anything less than you deserve.  Divorce gives you the perfect opportunity to search out that man or woman you always dreamed of.  Seek out qualities your previous spouse did not have.  Dating different people allows you to look for individual traits you always wanted in a partner.  Don’t allow your heartache or insecurities prevent you from finding the partner you always wanted.  If you are not having fun in the dating process, it’s okay to step back and take a little break.  Always set your expectation to a reasonable level so someone can reach them.

4. Learn from Previous Mistakes

Many divorced singles are afraid of making the same mistake the second time around, and they continuously fall into bad patterns and ultimately choose the wrong person for them.  Pick up the pieces of your life and move onto a better one.  Los Angeles Singles dating and relationship experts encourage you to try dating people who you normally would go for and explore new qualities that you could genuinely like in a long term relationship.  Remember to take a step back when stuck in a dating rut and avoid dating people who have the same bad habits or characteristics as your previous spouse.  Embrace the new person your divorce has transformed you into and start making better choices for your future.

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5. Utilize All the Available Resources

Remember that there are people and brand new opportunities of finding love everywhere.  Take advantage of the many resources that modern dating has available for you.  Professional matchmaking services are a popular choice that allow busy professionals the chance to date while still handling the demands of their careers, children, and social life.  When hiring a personal matchmaker, look for one that has experience helping single parents.  Los Angeles Singles Matchmaking Service is a dating agency with 25 years of experience helping people just like you find love.  Be open and optimistic during your dating process.  Don’t give up if the first match wasn’t what you hoped for; there are many more singles out there waiting for the opportunity to meet someone like you.

6. Don’t Harbor on Failure

Don’t think that because you are a divorcee that you are a failure.  Look at it as a brand new opportunity to grow.  Instead of focusing on all the negative things that went wrong in your previous relationship, appreciate all the things your marriage gave you, your loving children, a beautiful wedding, friends, and the support of your family.  Take away good things from a bad situation and always think positive, even when negative things happen. There is only one person who is able to bring happiness to your life and that is you, so never harbor on your failures and be sure to embrace the person your marriage has made you.

7. Be Patient, You Will Meet Your Ideal Partner

Many people become very frustrated with the whole dating process, especially when dates don’t go as planned.  Many people believe that if they don’t feel butterflies or sparks on the first date that this person isn’t the right person for them.  Los Angeles Singles dating and relationship experts encourage you to be patient and go out with your dates at least two or three times to see if the chemistry develops.  Even with the help of a professional matchmaker, finding love will take time, but the process will definitely speed up compared to if you were searching on your own. You won’t find someone overnight, but if you’re patient, you’ll find someone soon enough.  Are you ready to take the next step?

If you’re ready to take the next step to finding love, contact the matchmaking team at Los Angeles Singles to set up a consultation today.  Los Angeles Singles will give you the encouragement and guidance you need to find love one more time around.  Contact Los Angeles Singles to start meeting mature, professionals who are also serious about dating and settling down.  What are you waiting for? Call the matchmakers today!

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