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Encino’s upscale personal matchmaking team from Los Angeles Singles Dating Service reviews signs you’ve taken her out on a successful first date.

A lot of times, it can be very difficult to know where you stand after your first date, especially as a man.  You were probably too busy worrying about yourself and trying to make the best impression on her that you forgot to pay attention to the signs she was giving you all along.  There is a lot you can learn from thinking back to your first date as it will give you a pretty good idea of whether or not you can count on going on a second date.  If you are able to check off most of the boxes on the list below, you can safely assume she will agree to go on a second date with you, so let’s get reading so you can ease your mind.

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What Happened Leading to the Date

All the things that happened leading up to the date can tell you a lot of information on whether or not she’s interested in you, explains Encino matchmakers.  Did she arrive on time?  Did she have to reschedule?  When she first agreed to go on a date with you was she reluctant or did she seem delighted about the whole thing?  Think back and use this information to create a larger picture.  If any other part of the date seemed to go badly, you might want to look at the beginning and notice any red flags even before the first date got started.

How It Started

When the two of you first met and said hello to each other was a connection made right away?  Did you feel comfortable with her or was everything awkward right from the beginning?  Did it feel like she was trying to make a getaway?  Did you make her feel smothered?  If she was not feeling it from the beginning, she more likely did not ask many questions and did not try to keep the conversation flowing.  The beginning of the date can be a huge indicator, but even if things were stale at the beginning, there was still a chance to turn things around, so look at the remainder of the date and see if the mood shifted.

Was There a Lot in Common?

Finding common grounds is definitely a great early sign of good things to come, explains Encino matchmakers.  It could be as simple as sharing the same hobby together, loving the outdoors, or even an obsession with comic books or something else that’s unique.  This shows the two of you are able to open up to each other and share your interests, which can be very challenging when meeting someone new. 

A Deep Conversation

If the date went well the two of you would have definitely engaged in a lengthy and deep conversation.  If you spent the majority of the date talking about each other’s jobs or how the weather was all week, then you probably did not hit it off.  However, when you are on a good date you tend to get lost in the conversation because you want to get to know the other person better.  On the other hand, when a date goes bad, you feel like you’re pulling teeth from the other person, explains Encino matchmakers.  Did you feel like you were struggling to get her to open up and participate in the conversation or did she freely and enthusiastically get involved and keep things going?

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You Had Her Undivided Attention

If she was having a good time on the date you probably had her full and undivided attention.  If she used her phone to Facebook or Tweet during the date, was looking around uninterested, glancing down at her watch, or texting someone back and forth, she probably did not have a good time.  If she was into the date you probably had no idea what color her phone was because she was into you and did not bring her phone out of her purse.  If she was not able to look away the entire date and made you feel like the only man in the place, then you definitely had a successful first date.

Body Language Cues

Her body language will tell you everything you need to know to figure out whether or not she was interested in you, explains Encino matchmakers.  Some positive signs include good eye contact, leaning into you when you speak, laughing, and being open.  These are all very easy signs to look for.  The rest will all depend on the specific woman and the place you chose for the date.  If she wanted to impress you and you took her to an upscale restaurant, she more likely dressed up very elegantly and presented herself with great manners.  Most of the things you can learn from her body language are going to be throughout the course of the date—if she became stiff, non-engaging, and was having a difficult time maintaining eye contact, then it’s safe to assume it was not a successful first date. 

She Remembers the Small Details

One important thing men do when trying to make the right move with a woman is pay attention to the small details—this lets women know you’re paying attention, and women do this too, explains Encino matchmakers.  If she was into you, it’s likely she paid a little more attention to all the details you were mentioning and also asked probing questions.  So think back for a minute… If later on in the date if you found she remembered something you mentioned in the beginning, that’s a great sign for you.  If the date went well, chances are you even walked away with little inside jokes with each other.  If you find her laughing about little things later on, that’s a great sign you had a good date together—don’t be hesitant to ask her out again.

The Date Went Longer Than You Thought

Last but not least, if you want to know if you had a successful first date or not, take a look at how long it lasted.  When dinner or whatever part of the date ended, did the two of you call it a night or did you proceed to go somewhere else, such as to grab a cup of coffee or dessert?  If the date went longer than expected, then it’s safe to say you had a successful first date. 

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