Matchmakers from Encino Review Signs You Are Too Romantic

Encino matchmakers from LA Singles always have the insight about the Los Angeles dating world.  Read on to find out what they have for you today!

Being in love is one of the best feelings in the world, especially when the love is real; however, being in love with love is something completely different.  If you are not sure which one you are, the Encino matchmakers from LA Singles will review signs you’re just too romantic, which of course is not a bad thing after all!

You Love Romantic Movies

Your entire movie collection is made out of romantic movies that get you crying all day long.  You can literally say every line from the movie, “The Notebook” and you’re never afraid to go see a romantic movie, even when no one else wants to see it.  Romantic movies just give you that wonderful sensation of butterflies in your stomach.

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You Read a Lot of Romantic Books

Just like you can’t stop watching romantic movies, you can’t stop reading romantic novels.  For you, reading romantic novels is just as interesting as watching them on TV or the big screen.  Those who have a romantic streak love reading everything about love and love indulging themselves in romantic stories. 

You Love Crying

While watching romantic movies and reading romantic books make you happy, they also make the tears flow.  To you, love is so beautiful that you have to cry… Even thinking about a romantic relationship brings tears to your eyes, but not the sad tears, the happy ones. 

You Daydream About Love

Some women daydream about eating a cake, cookies, or ice-cream, others about muscular men in sexy uniforms, but not you though—you daydream about romantic things.  You tend to daydream about falling in love, finding Mr. Right, and everything you would do if you were already in a relationship.

You Want the Perfect Relationship

Okay, so who doesn’t want the perfect relationship?  But you, you want to take it up a notch—you want the relationship you read about in books and watch in movies… You want that fairy-tale romance, you want to be the next Romeo & Juliet.  You want a relationship that oozes romance because you are the most romantic person in the world.

Your Facebook is Full of Love Quotes

Your personal Facebook account and Twitter are filled with nothing but romantic quotes.  You enjoy everything romantic and even put romantic pictures with romantic sayings.  As long as it has to do with romance and love, it goes on your Facebook wall and you’re not afraid of anyone seeing it—your friends probably nag you about it.


You Love Weddings

Even if you haven’t found Mr. Right yourself, seeing other people getting engaged or tying the knot makes you… guess what?  Cry.  While most people love going to weddings so they can get free drinks and hang out with their friends, you, on the other hand, go to get ideas for your own future wedding… and because it’s a romantic atmosphere you truly enjoy. 

You Love Romantic Gifts

While jewelry and clothing are nice things, you prefer receiving romantic gifts.  Flowers, romantic candlelight dinners, or even handwritten cards are enough to make you flutter.  Romantic gifts make you mushy, a big ball of sappiness.  Though you will enjoy receiving any gift, for you, romantic gifts are the ones that go straight to your heart and mean more to you than anything.

You Believe in Love at First Sight

In this modern age, not many people believe love at first sight truly exists… but not you though, not the hopeless romantic you truly are.  You love hearing stories about people who met and fell in love right away because you want to experience the same thing.  For you, love doesn’t come into play a few months down the road, for you it happens during the first meet—at least that’s the way you fantasize it. 

You Love Telling Your Friends They’ll Find the One

When your friends are going through rough waters in the dating world and are in a tough spot when it comes to relationships, there you are… the Miss Cleo of love.  You assure all your friends they will eventually find the perfect partner.  You tell them Mr. Right is out there waiting for them and encourage them not to give up.  You are always injecting love everywhere you go and are constantly reassuring everyone that love will find them in due time.

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You Are Always Getting Ahead in the Dating World

Even after a terrible breakup that set you back, you get right back up on your feet; you are not the type of person who lets anything bring her down.  While you might be a little hurt because of it, you don’t let it stop you from dating someone else.  This is because you believe that true love really exists and you need to get back out there and find it.  Truly romantic people are known to do whatever it takes in order to find true love—and that’s you to a T.

You Fall Easily in a New Relationship

When you’re involved in a new relationship you’re known to fall quick and hard; you’re often the one that says I love you within the first few weeks of dating.  Relationships make you feel like you’re on cloud 9 and they make you feel complete.

You Need Someone as Romantic as You

Though a muscular, tall, sexy man might appeal to your eyes, one of the biggest qualities you look for in a man is someone who can be as romantic as you.  Romance is very important for you in your relationship and you want someone who can bring that along.  A man who is romantic is a man who makes your heart flutter.

Your Friends Call You Romantic

When you talk about relationships, love, and romance, your friends call you a hopeless romantic.  Every one out of your friends already knows how romantic you are and a lot of them think you live in a fairy-tale world.  Whether you believe them or not, your friends know you really well and they know you are living in La-La-Land.  It’s probably because they think you’re the biggest romantic person they have ever seen—and they may even get quite annoyed by it at times.

Does this sound like you?  Let us know all the romantic things you do and dream of doing once you find that special someone!

If you’re struggling to find that perfect fairy-tale romance on your own, don’t hesitate to contact the professional Encino matchmakers from LA Singles today.  The dating professionals will get to know you and everything you’re looking for in that perfect partner—yes, even that romantic trait he must have!