Matchmakers in Encino Explain How to Keep a Guy Happy in Love

Want to keep a man hooked and happy in your relationship? Today, our Encino matchmakers here at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service will teach you the ins and outs on how to keep a guy happy in love.

In the beginning of time, women were looked down upon as property, but fortunately, things have changed greatly over the years.  However, one thing has never changed, and that’s the importance of keeping a man happy in a relationship, because when he is happy, you will be too.  Feminists, sit down and put your arms down.  Now, women have the power of calling the shots and deciding what makes their man happy.  It’s no longer just cooking, sex, and childbirth.  Are you ready to find out how to keep a modern man happy?  After all, at the end of the day, if you love someone shouldn’t you do your best to keep them happy?


Helpful Ways to Keep a Man Happy in Your Relationship

There is a lot of dating advice floating around the internet on how to keep a man happy.  You’ll find good advice and bad advice, but no matter what you come across, you need to keep in mind that every man is different and what makes him happy is also different.  You are the best judge of knowing what will make your man satisfied.  So what exactly makes a man happy?  A six-pack of Coronas, a Breaking Bad marathon, or watching his football game?  Shockingly, it takes more than a six-pack of beer and football to keep a man happy in his relationship.  Because of how different every man is, our Encino matchmakers have sat down and composed a guide of what it takes to make a man happy no matter who he is.

1. Don’t Put Him on a Leash

Whether you’ve been dating for a month or it has been ten years, you need to give you’re man breathing space.  The same way you need girls’ night out, he needs guy time too.  Remember, you should never make your man feel guilty for wanting to hang out with the guys.  Give him the freedom he needs to spend time with his friends, his family, and to do the things he needs to do such as working on his car, the gym, and run his personal errands.  It is especially important you don’t prevent him from spending time with the people who are very important to him; after all, just because he’s dating you does not mean you should take them away.

2. It’s Okay to Let Him Win

You are a woman so of course you don’t lie to lose a battle, so you can imagine how your man feels every time he has to obey your decisions and lose to you in arguments.  Whether it’s establishing who forgot to let the dog out or something as simple as choosing what to eat for dinner, it’s okay to let your man win from time to time.

3. Give Him Food

We suppose that the cliché rule still applies, because according to most men out there, a surefire way to get to their heart is through their stomach.  Men find a woman who cooks much more attractive than one who doesn’t.  That’s right, long gone are the days of takeout and drive-thru food.  As a man ages, so does his taste in food, and nothing can please a man more than a home cooked meal prepared by his lady.

4. It’s Okay to Pay

It doesn’t mean he’s less of a man if you pick up the tab from time to time.  Give your man’s wallet a break and be that independent woman you claim to be.  Even if he makes more than you do, it doesn’t mean he needs to pay every time.  You can give him a surprise by at least picking up the tab once a month.

5. Drive a Manual

Never get between a man and his toys, whether it’s a beat up old Mustang or a brand new Lexus, never underestimate how much a man loves his vehicle.  You will be surprised how sexy a man finds a woman who drives stick.  If you cannot do it, go ahead and try to learn then watch your man’s face when you show him.

6. Do Things He Loves

Take the initiative to participate in the activities he likes, no matter how silly you think they are.  Whether it’s learning how to golf, paragliding, or heading out for a night at the horse track, go ahead and participate in the things you know he loves.  If you cannot bring yourself to paraglide, don’t worry, just support him as much as you can and don’t ever make him feel guilty for wanting to do things without you.  Our Encino matchmakers encourage you to participate in your own hobbies and interests as well, because every man likes a woman with her own life and passions.

7. Get Along with His Friends

No matter how long the two of you have been dating, always remember that his friends were there before you were, and they will be there if the two of you breakup.  Men are not really that difficult to please.  The next time he has his friends over for poker night, surprise him and the guys some fancy beer.  If his friends mean a lot to him, then they should mean a lot to you too.


8. Treat His Mom Likes Yours

If there is one thing all men can agree on, it’s that their mother is very important to them and you need to accept that.  Keep your man happy in your relationship by treating his mother like you treat your own.  When he sees how genuine you are to her, his heart will melt.  And remember, the same rule will apply to his entire family.

9. Be Independent

Our Encino matchmakers cannot stress this one enough.  Do not be clingy or needy.  Almost every man out there hates when he dates a woman who becomes like that.  Behave your own age, behave like an independent and strong woman.  Do not text him 24/7, do not call him every hour on the hour, and do not post on his Facebook wall every day.  Play it cool and live your life without having to rely on him.

10. Be Spontaneous

As much as you like your life to be as organized as possible, it’s okay to be spontaneous from time to time.  Show your excitement and be spontaneous once in a while.  Whether it’s getting in the car to go out with your man for frozen yogurt or going on a last minute trip to a nearby town and staying in a bed and breakfast, show your man you can go with the flow.

Just remember these simple ways of keeping your man hooked and happy in your relationship and our Encino matchmakers can assure you that your man will feel like he’s the luckiest guy in the world! & (310) 438-5157