Reseda Matchmaking Service Unveils the Unknown after a Divorce

Reseda dating experts from Los Angeles Singles Dating Service reveal helpful tips for dating after divorce.

No one goes into a marriage hoping that it one day will all come crashing down and end.  Going through a separation with a partner you once shared your life with is a very difficult task, and the process becomes even harder when children are thrown into the mix.  If you are facing a divorce or thinking about getting one, you’re going to need the best advice available.  Lucky for you, the Reseda matchmaking experts have some insightful knowledge about the hidden things that come up with divorce.

A Perfect Divorce Doesn’t Mean Anything

It’s not rare to find some couples filing for an amicable divorce nowadays, but even if you and your ex-partner are going through the process willingly, at the end of the day, it won’t always make a difference.  Divorce is difficult, it sucks, and it is bound to cause a lot of problems and stress for many weeks to come, if not months.  You have to be mentally and emotionally prepared to deal with everything that comes along with a divorce.


People Are Bound to Take Sides

Even though their family, your family, their friends and yours are all involved right now, once the divorce procedures are done and final, those close to you and your ex will likely take sides.  Even if you stress for people not to take sides, divorce itself can often make it very awkward for everyone and this stress and tension may cause people to take sides anyways. 

Nothing Will Feel Normal, Especially with Family

After separating from your partner you might want to patch things up and put the divorce behind you, maybe you’re one of those people who ends up staying friends with your ex, however, you must know that after a divorce nothing will be the same and there will be scars remaining.  Even if you remarry and try to blend your lives again, you’ll find it will be very difficult to put your divorce behind you.  This is not to scare you, just warning you to be prepared for difficulties along the way.

Money Issues Will Come Up

Reseda matchmaking experts know that one of the biggest problems that causes divorce in today’s society is money.  However, once you decide to finalize things, more money issues may come up.  For some couples, money problems will become an even bigger issue because now they’re left fending on their own.  Child support will also be in the picture if children are involved.  While your divorce settlement will determine some of these answers, money could still be an issue for a while.  Start saving and preparing ahead of time—you don’t want to be hit with money issues off guard.

Parenting Is Very Difficult

When children are involved, getting a divorce gets a little more difficult—and along with being divorced, now comes the fact that you are a single parent.  Single parenting can be difficult, especially if you’ve always had a partner to help you out.  It takes time to adjust to being single, reminds Reseda matchmaking experts, and for a while, parenting will be a difficult task.  You must take it one day at a time and not allow yourself to become overwhelmed. 

You Will Argue with Your Ex

So you finally got the divorce, you’re both living in separate houses, and you aren’t forced to talk to each other daily so you think everything will be okay, right?  Wrong.  Even once the two of you are divorced, prepare yourselves for a bit of bickering.  Even when the divorce settlement has been reached there will still be other things causing you both to argue.  Don’t think that because you’re finally divorced it’s the end to all your arguments—and this is especially true if children are involved, reminds Reseda matchmaking experts.  The important thing to remember is that you both need to behave like adults and handle yourselves well, especially in front of your children.


People Are Going to Judge You

The people you knew before getting a divorce are bound to judge you, and the people you meet after your divorce may do the same.  It’s sad, yes, but the divorce word can carry a little bit of stigma.  Some people will judge you because you let your marriage fail and others may judge you for marrying the wrong person.  The good news is that as the years go on, this stigma decreases.  Reseda matchmaking experts encourage you to keep your head up and know that being divorced does not mean you cannot find dating success. 

You Will Have to Control Yourself

Self-control is essential when you have children with an ex-partner.  There is nothing more damaging for your children than for you to badmouth your ex.  While you might have to vent to someone, it’s important you never vent to your children—vent to someone your own age or even a counselor if need be. 

You Will Have Your Doubts about Dating

After getting a divorce you will now be single, you can go on a date with whomever you please—and while all this is true, you might find that even months after being divorced you might not be ready to  start dating again.  Instead you may find that you are more hesitant to get back in the dating world again, but don’t let divorced dating get you down.  Reseda matchmaking experts know that divorced dating, although it may be difficult in the beginning, can be a success.  The Reseda matchmaking team at Los Angeles Singles have helped thousands of divorced clients find love again. 

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You Will See Your Ex a Lot

Even though the two of you are no longer married, your relationship is going to cross paths, especially if children are involved.  The two of you are going to have to see each other at birthday parties, school events, and your children’s graduations.  While the life you share might not be as intimate as you once had, you will still cross paths, so you must know how to handle yourselves like mature adults.

People Are Going to Wonder Why

Even months after you’ve been divorced people are going to ask you why, but the most frequent question you will receive is what went wrong.  At first, you might take this question to heart and you might even want to avoid it altogether, but as time goes on you will get comfortable answering this question, explains Reseda matchmaking experts.  However, you need to remember you don’t have to share anything you don’t want to share.

Good Things Will Eventually Come Out

From all the horror stories you’ve heard, you probably can’t imagine anything good coming from a divorce, besides being single and out of a bad marriage, but aside from that, you will gain valuable life lessons which will make you stronger—but most importantly, now you’ll know exactly what it is you want out of a relationship and won’t settle for anything less, explains Reseda matchmaking experts.

Your Children Are Going to Know

A lot of divorced parents like to keep their divorce hidden; however, no matter how hard you try, the divorce will eventually come out and your children will need to know the truth.  At the right age, it’s okay to sit down and have a talk with your children to let them know what happened.  You need to explain to them the situation and let them know you both still love them.

If you’re struggling to date after divorce, contact the Reseda matchmaking team at Los Angeles Singles and let them help you find a brighter dating future