Sherman Oaks Matchmaking Service with Helpful Dating Tips

Encino matchmaking service helps Sherman Oaks singles with helpful dating tips as they expose the things men keep from women in the dating world.

Everyone has secrets they don’t want to reveal—and when it comes to men, no matter how long you’ve been dating or known each other, there are likely a few things he’s keeping away from you—and a few things he won’t tell you unless you pressure him otherwise. 

Today, Encino matchmaking experts from Los Angeles Singles will review a few secrets men like to keep away from their partners—get ready for them!

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They Have Money Problems

Men are known to be the breadwinners of the family and rarely will you find a man who will come flat out and tell you he is currently facing some money problems.  Men can feel insecure when their money and finances aren’t on the right path and many of them are afraid to admit it to their partner.  Men are supposed to be the providers for their family and when they are not able to fulfill this role, it’s likely they will keep it to themselves, explains Encino matchmaking experts. 

He Was in a Slump in His Career

This one goes side by side with money problems.  Men pride themselves on having a good job that brings plenty of money to the bank account.  If your man was ever unemployed or had a bad job, he might not want to tell you about it as it will make him feel insecure and because he thinks you will view him as less of a man. 

That They Need a Woman to Complete Them

Okay, so men love feeling like (macho) men, but when it comes to most of them, it can actually take a woman to complete them.  Men feel great when a woman comes into their life, and when a woman doesn’t recognize or appreciate them, they could easily feel insecure.  Most men like to keep the secret that they are not whole until a woman comes into their lives.

They Do Enjoy Cuddling

Not all men will admit they enjoy a good cuddle session, but most of them do.  Cuddling is feminine, but he enjoys doing it because he likes you and it makes him feel connected on a deeper level, explains Encino matchmaking experts.  Deep down, men do enjoy cuddling but they keep it a secret.  Saying he enjoys a good cuddle sessions is a big blow to his manly side so understand that the next time your man pulls you over to him, he’s not just doing it for you, he’s doing it for himself too.  


Men Likes Making Love

Once you’ve been dating a man for a while, sex goes out the window and in comes making love.  When there is so much emotion in a relationship, it’s nice when the romance comes into play.  So while he enjoyed having sex before, now he enjoys making love to you.  Not all men want to get in and out, some are looking for the real thing—love and companionship.

He Will Lie to Go with the Flow

We’ll call these things white lies—and men are notorious for telling them, especially when he wants to keep things at peace and going easy.  When a man knows certain things tick you off and push your buttons, he will avoid doing them and saying them, even if it means telling you a little white lie, explains Encino matchmaking experts. 

He Does Look at Hot Women

We all have eyes for beauty and we all look at someone attractive once in a while.  Sure, you have probably checked out someone attractive to, someone you wouldn’t want your man catching you look at.  It is human instinct and there is nothing you can do about—and this goes for your man too.  Of course your man might never admit it, but he does check out hot women that walk by.  If you catch him doing it in an ogling manner, feel free to confront him about it.

He Too Has Fat Days

As a woman, you probably already know that fat days happen all the time… We have those mornings where we look at ourselves in the mirror and can’t handle what we see… and while most men won’t admit, they too have the same thing happen once in a while.  Some days they have beer bellies, other days they can’t see their muscles because of water retention (yes, just like you)—and on those days they don’t feel that good—just like you have those days too. 

He Doesn’t Always Understand

Women have been known for getting into deep topics, especially when it comes to relationships.  One day you come home and want to have a deep conversation with your man so you talk, talk, talk… and while you think he’s getting everything you’re saying, he has no clue.  Though he’s nodding and agreeing with what you’re saying, he might not understand it one bit, explains Encino matchmaking experts.  This is something men are notorious for doing, no matter how long you’ve been together. 

His Views on Your Dress

All women are guilty asking their man whether or not that dress or new pair of white pants they’re wearing makes them look fat… You have probably done it too.  And while a nice man should say no or tell you he loves those new slacks, in his mind he has no clue… To him, all your dresses, skirts, and pants look the same.  The red dress you bought today looks just like the one you wore out with him three weeks ago… but of course he’ll tell you what you want to hear just so you don’t get upset with him—this is something you should come to expect of him.  If you want an honest answer, it’s best to ask your best girlfriend.

They Don’t Have a Good Memory

Men have been known to suppress bad memories, especially from childhood, explains Encino matchmaking experts.  If a man had a rough time as a kid, it’s unlikely he’ll open up about it—and if he does, he may only be willing to tell you the good details.

That Sometimes He Just Wants You to Stop Talking

Unless a man is extremely bold, rarely will you find one to ask you to please give it a rest or flat out shut up.  And at the same time, men are not good at multitasking, so talking to him about your plans for the weekend while he’s on his computer is a no-no.  And just because he will listen to you and nod doesn’t mean he’s necessarily taking it in.  In other words, he just wishes you’d be quiet for a while.  Encino matchmaking experts suggest you let your man come in and relax for a minute after work before you start bombarding him with all things you want to talk about—not only will it save him frustration, but you as well.  This is a much more effective way of communicating because he’s had a minute to cool off before jumping into the next thing.

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