Single Women in Los Angeles – Learn How to Be More Approachable to Men

Premiere dating & matchmaking service, Los Angeles Singles, reveals secrets for single women to become more approachable and exude the right vibe!

Are you good looking? Are you smart?  Are you everything you thought men would look for in a woman, yet men still don’t seem to show interest in you?  Today, the most popular matchmaking and dating service in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Singles, will teach you how to be more approachable to men in the LA dating world.

On paper, you’re perfect.  Actually, you’re beyond perfect.  You’re educated, independent, good looking, and you have a great job.  When men pass by you, they all look, so why is it none of them ever approach you?

The first thing you need to understand is that men are human too.  They might seem to be cocky and arrogant, and some might come off as womanizers, but, hey, they do have fears, and they’re very scared of approaching a good looking woman.  Of course there are many men out there with tons of confidence, one who wouldn’t mind approaching the most gorgeous woman in the room, but many of them won’t.  Why?  If a man is really interested in you, and not just looking for a one night stand, he’s going to be afraid you’re going to shut him down.  Just like you, he doesn’t want to be disappointed and embarrassed in front of everyone.

Sometimes, without even realizing it, you might be doing things that are not working in your favor.  Sometimes, you might not know what you’re doing wrong, things that are repelling all men away.  The key here is to be open and try to make yourself more approachable to other singles.

There might be a few things you’re doing that men view as standoffish, so pay close attention as the dating and matchmaking experts from Los Angeles Singles Dating Service teach you how to make yourself easier to approach and talk to.  And despite what most women believe, you don’t have to be drop dead gorgeous to get a man’s attention.  Today, the dating and matchmaking experts from Los Angeles Singles will teach you how to exude the right vibe for the dating world.

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1. Appearances Are Important

This is in no way means you have to look like J-Lo or Giselle Bundchen.  You don’t have to be a supermodel or wear clothes in a size 0, but you must look good and take care of your appearance.  It’s shallow, yes, but first impressions do matter.  When a man enters a room, it doesn’t take long for him to notice a good looking woman.  If you take care of your appearance by styling your hair, keeping up with your clothes, and wearing makeup, you are going to improve your chances of a man approaching you.

2. Dressing Up Is Better Than Revealing Too Much

So many LA women think that in order to get a man’s attention, they must bare it all.  Never go out dressing like you have nothing to hide.  Of course, everyone will look, but for the wrong reasons.  The only men who will ever approach you when you’re dressed like that are men who will only want you for a booty call.  Contrary to what many LA women believe, you don’t have to dress like that to get a man, Los Angeles Singles dating and matchmaking experts know a decent man does not want a woman like this, and that’s what you’re after, right? A nice man to settle down with.

3. Don’t Be Too Busy

If you spot a man looking at you and you happen to be alone, don’t make it look like you are completely engaged in something.  That’s right, don’t pretend to be sorting through your emails, texting, or Facebooking.  It doesn’t matter if you are bored out of your mind, just try to pass the time by just sitting there.  When you have your head buried in something and look too busy, if he is a good man, a polite one, he will not want to disturb you.

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4. You Might Be Too Good Looking

This goes against the tip of always looking good; however, realistically speaking, looking good could be a drawback.  You might be too good looking for average men.  In other words, you are way out of their league.  For example, if you’re a drop dead gorgeous looking woman, all men passing by will surely look your way, but realistically speaking, most of them will be too intimidated to approach you.  One of men’s biggest fears is approaching a woman and being turned down.  If you are drop dead gorgeous, many men will just skip you because they think you’re out of their league.  You’re sizzling hot and this is scaring men away.  The only men you will attract will be Alpha males, the ones that ooze confidence, and of course a few players.  If you intend to catch a sincere man, then you need to make yourself more approachable.  Los Angeles Singles dating experts recommend you put out a friendlier vibe by smiling more often and being warm and welcoming.

5. Choose the Right Place

Not every place you go out creates the perfect setting for striking up conversation.  If you want a decent man to approach you, then you must find the perfect place.  The place doesn’t have to be completely private, it does, however, need to be a place where all heads won’t be turning in your direction to see what is going on.  Places like coffee shops, bookstores, and libraries are great for conversation; the opportunities for conversation are countless.

6. Always Smile

No man likes to see an uptight woman, let alone get involved with one.  Anyone who walks around like the weight of the world on their shoulders is going to come off as unfriendly.  The trick is to appear warm and friendly, which means you need to smile.  If you look likeable, then more men will approach you.

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7. Be Positive

We all have bad days, but the key is to have fun.  You need to come across as a positive woman wherever you are.  Positivity draws in positivity, which is what you want in a man.  If you act happy, you will attract a happy man.  Think about it, would you ever go up to a man who looked boring?  How about down or depressed?  Probably not, so make yourself look more interesting, friendly, and positive.

It’s easy to think that all men are macho, but the truth is, many don’t have the guts to approach a woman.  They need a little help, and hopefully with these helpful tips from Los Angeles Singles you’ll be able to make yourself more approachable.

If you’re looking to meet mature, professional men in Los Angeles, contact the matchmaking experts at Los Angeles Singles Dating Service today to set up an in person consultation.  Let Los Angeles Singles rev up your romantic life! & (310) 438-5157